Car Dealerships/ Repairshops

Car Dealerships/ Repairshops

High-tech lubricants for all needs
Eni offers its customers a wide product range of high-tech lubricants for all different kinds of application. We provide you with customer-specific solutions that are specifically developed to meet your individual needs.

Car dealers and repair shop customers value our decades of research and product competence in the field of car lubricants.

The new line in car engine oil Eni i-Sint is the result of years of technical experience and innovative research

Eni i-Sint offers a wide range of engine oils, which have been specially developed for today’s market. More and more complex products are demanded and this is characterized by modern fuels and an increasing technological gap between old and new cars.
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As well as the new line in engine oils we offer a wide range of lubricant specialities for repair shops, such as gear oil, grease, brake fluid, i-Care and AdBlue.
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Our i-Care vehicle care line promises systematic preparation. With a high quality product line, which covers everything from brush washing systems, complete care products to cold cleaning agents and hand-cleaning agents Eni supports your commercial success in the field of car preparation
Eni’s windscreen washing products give your customers “clear vision” for summer and winter.
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Clean efficiency – carefree disposal
Disposal works smoothly with the Eni disposal concept.
Environmental protection and use of resources are the order of the day.
In order to make compliance with legal environment standards as simple as possible, Eni offers a network-wide waste oil disposal concept. The company AVE, one of the leading disposal service providers in central Europe, is available for us.

Accepted at more than 17,500 places throughout Europe
Whether you operate a fleet, manage a forwarding company or run a hire car company, the multicard is going to pay off for your business. More information about the multicard is available here
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With Eni you have everything from a single source
If you are interested in more information about our products and service programmes, please contact us
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Last updated on 23/03/22