Waste management

For Eni Rewind, the most significant environmental impact is determined by waste caused by reclamation and industrial activities. This is why the company guarantees the entire waste cycle management process, from production to disposal, in full compliance with relative laws and regulations in force, with the aim of reducing risks by means of constant monitoring.

In 2019 the company managed 2 million tons of waste, of which 90% on behalf of Eni, excluding groundwater treated on site which is no longer considered waste in light of recent amendments to legislation.

On-site reclamation and KM0: best practices for waste management

In order to ensure the environmental sustainability of its reclamation operations, Eni Rewind develops and proposes operations which favour on site techniques which guarantee the achievement of expected results while minimising waste generation insofar as no excavation is required, along with the off site disposal of polluted soil.

In line with the best waste management practices, Eni Rewind has an operations plan to increase the proportion of waste recovered rather than disposed of at landfill sites. In 2019, thanks to technologies such as biopiles and soil washing, about 169 thousand tonnes of waste were recovered compared to 285 thousand potentially recoverable tonnes (59%).

By 2019 Eni Rewind will further improve the waste disposal management process, with the optimisation of logistics, above all by identifying waste treatment plants closest to the site of production (KM0) or the most effective sites based on the type of waste.




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