(SAF) Sustainable Assessment Framework

In line with Eni's commitment to sustainability, Eni Rewind orients its operative model around increasingly eco-compatible environmental cleanup operations, minimising the overall impact of activities on the environment and communities. The project for sustainability applied to reclamation techniques has been developed around this requirement and aims to identify the most sustainable solution from those capable of achieving reclamation objectives, enabling its optimisation during the entire cycle of approved operations.

Model phases

At Eni Rewind, environmental cleanup sustainability is also subject to the Sustainable Assessment Framework software, developed to assess and compare potential reclamation alternatives in environmental, social and economic terms. The SAF tool identifies six phases in the decision-making process:

  • 1
    phase 1

    definition of objectives for all three fields of sustainability (environmental, economic and social), along with standard associated indicators which measure the performance of the type of reclamation operation;

  • 2
    phase 2

    allocation of weight of each field, objective and indicator, carried out beforehand by Eni Rewind and then shared with stakeholders for any amendments;

  • 3
    phase 3

    definition of quantitative (units of measurement) and qualitative metrics (allocation of merit points), if not measurable, indicators identified in phase 1 are used;

  • 4
    phase 4

    definition of alternative reclamation solutions, selected according to technical aspects and in a "site specific" manner, as provided for by relative laws and regulations in force. Specifically, different reclamation techniques, capable of guaranteeing the achievement of objectives defined during project planning, are compared on the basis of relative health risks;

  • 5
    phase 5

    methodology for the definition of indicators and their definition in different scenarios;

  • 6
    phase 6

    sharing of the qualitative scale with stakeholders.

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