Eni for 2022
Sustainability Report

A Just Transition: our contribution to the energy transition

Why a “just” transition? Because the energy transition - the shift to a mix of clean energy sources - must be socially fair and that is, based on different approaches between countries depending on their economic resources.

Eni has worked to contribute to European energy security. The company has pursued its path of transformation towards the decarbonization of products and services, leveraging a distinctive strategy based on geographical and technological diversification of energy sources.

Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni

This is precisely the system we are adopting in our host countries to effectively address the challenges posed by the energy trilemma: achieving environmental sustainability while ensuring energy security and economic and social accessibility for all.

Our figures

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How we create and share value

Our Business Model is effective because it is based on making the best possible use of all the available resources (inputs) and it transforming them into outputs with a strategy that addresses the current challenges: combating climate change and providing access to sustainable energy for all.

The use of proprietary technologies and diversification of energy sources allow us to control the whole energy value chain. We do this by leveraging three factors: the operational excellence that drives our activities and enhances the value of our people, carbon neutrality by 2050, which is aimed at the total decarbonization of our products and processes, and alliances for development, to generate long-term value by transferring our know-how and skills and supporting local communities in host countries.


Through an integrated presence all along the energy value chain

total GJ energy consumption
* in 2022, unless stated otherwise

Innovation for business transformation

Technological and digital innovation is at the heart of the business model and plays a central role in addressing the energy trilemma. The ability to innovate is the driving force that allows us to evolve without losing our company's viability.

Magnetic confinement nuclear fusion

Once it has been industrially developed, magnetic confinement nuclear fusion will provide a clean, safe and virtually unlimited source of energy - a real breakthrough on the road to decarbonization. Fusion could substantially contribute to the mix of energy sources that are critical for combating climate change. The first industrial-scale power plant capable of feeding electricity into the grid should become operational in the early 2030s.

We bring the energy of stars on earth

Can we reproduce the physical reactions that fuel stars? Discover challenges and opportunities of magnetic confinement nuclear fusion in the video.

An integrated approach to SDGs

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030 inspire our mission, governance, business strategy and local development projects. They are fully integrated into our activities around the world in order to address and solve the complex challenges of our time.

The three lines of development of our actions

"Eni for 2022" is our Sustainability Report. It chronicles Eni's journey towards a socially just transition. Continue browsing to explore the three levers that determine the way we act.

Carbon neutrality by 2050 charts the course of the process through which we will drastically reduce our carbon footprint and achieve the decarbonization of our processes and products thanks to technology.

Operational excellence describes our commitment to enhance the value of people, their health and safety, the integrity of assets, environmental protection, the respect of human rights, resilience and the diversification of operations and financial solidity.

Alliances for development describes our commitment in the countries where we operate to guarantee access to energy and promote fair and sustainable development.

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