Natural gas

Natural gas

Clean, odourless, colourless, easy to use, adaptable to many applications, and convenient: natural gas is the ideal fuel for great efficiency and high-tech processes; it provides an increasing share of the world’s energy supply.

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Since 2003 the French market for the supply of natural gas has by degrees been “liberalized” – opened up to competition. The latest stage came in 1 July 2007, when the domestic consumer market was thrown open to competition, freeing household consumers to choose their natural gas supplier.

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Following market liberalization the parts played by the industry’s various institutions have been re-written and new institutions have been set up, not least to see that competition functions properly.

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Since the 1960s the price of gas in Europe has been determined in relation to that of oil products, and the French authorities have regulated gas prices to minimize the impact of that linkage. Now that the French market for the supply of gas has been liberalized there are alternative suppliers, free to offer you their gas products at their own prices.

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