Unleaded 95 E10

Unleaded 95 E10

The Unleaded 95-E10 is a new fuel which contains up to 10% of ethanol, in accordance with the latest European specifications.

Why Unleaded 95-E10 ?
The petroleum industry is obliged by law to increase the amount of biofuels that it produces and sells. Until recently, petrol could, under the regulations in place contain up to 5% of ethanol and even 7% in the case of diesel. With the share of biofuels in fossil fuel constantly increasing, there has been petrol with 10% ethanol in it available since 2011. This is the fuel that was given the name Unleaded 95-E10.

Can my vehicle run on Unleaded 95-E10 ?
Before you use Unleaded 95-E10 for the first time, you must make sure that your vehicle can run on this fuel. Check the official list of vehicles which can use this fuel.

If the information provided on this site is not sufficient, you must contact a representative from the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Important! If your vehicle cannot run on Unleaded 95-E10, please note that just filling one tank can cause irreversible damage to your engine. If you're unsure you must contact a representative from the manufacturer to check your vehicle's compatibility. All the other types of petrol are available at our service stations (SP 98 and SP95).

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Last updated on 02/04/12