Eni research on SP 98 and SP 95

In France the unleaded types of petrol available are known as SP 98 and SP 95.
These products are available at all the service stations of the Eni network (under the Agip brand) in France.

The high performance which our petrol with additives provides is a direct result of the research that the Eni Group has invested in, as part of its efforts aimed at improving your engine's performance and lifespan and also at reducing its impact on the environment.  
The aim of these additives is to protect your engine from possible residue deposits and to ensure optimal combustion.

The metal surfaces in contact with the petrol are protected against corrosion.
Eni petrol will provide you with optimal performance and enhance the working life of your engine, whilst at the same time reducing consumption and particle emissions.

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Last updated on 02/04/12