Diesel / Diesel Tech

Diesel / Diesel Tech

The Eni research department has developed Agip DieselTECH, an innovative, sulphur-free fuel with biocomponents and a significantly higher cleaning effect on the injection system of diesel engines. It improves the performance of both new and old-generation diesel engines.

In comparison to the former recipe, the formula for the new product Agip DieselTECH contains a range of performance-enhancing components, in addition to three times more highly effective cleaning additives. These not only prevent the formation of deposits on fuel injectors ('keep clean effect'), but also tackle existing sedimentation ('clean-up effect'). Through the continuous use of Agip DieselTECH, the output power of diesel engines can be reinstored as far as possible. Agip DieselTECH improves the performance of all new and older-generation diesel engines. In addition to this, the new formula protects the fuel lines, combustion chamber and the injection system from corrosion, thus extending the engine's service life. The sulphur-free fuel with biocomponents also contributes to a reduction in emissions.

New formula for clean injection nozzles
Triple levels of cleaning additives.

The cleanliness of injection nozzles plays a crucial role in service life and the positive properties of diesel engines, such as power delivery, fuel consumption and emissions. In light of the high pressure and temperature in the combustion chamber and injection system, the formation of deposits is especially common around the injector holes. This prevents the optimal combustion and performance delivery of the fuel. The high content of highly effective cleaning additives in Agip DieselTECH guarantees maximum levels of purification and cleaning in the injection systems of both new and older-generation diesel engines, thus ensuring low consumption and fewer emissions, regardless of the engine's mileage.

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Last updated on 30/10/12