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Privacy Statement by Eni France Sarl, Eni gas & power France S.A. (hereinafter referred to as Eni)

Eni is delighted that you are visiting our Website and are interested in our company and products. We take the protection of your private details seriously and our priority is trusting co-operation when you visit our Web pages. It is our standard practice to comply with the legal provisions on data protection.
Our employees are obliged to maintain data secrecy and are regularly trained in data protection and data security.
We would like to explain briefly below how we protect your data and what it means for you when you take advantage of our online offers.

1. Access data
(1) When you visit our Website, Eni obtains access data that are stored for back-up purposes and basically enable us to identify you:
- the name of your Internet Service Provider
- the country you come from
- the Website you visit us from
- the search item if you reach our Website via a search engine
- Websites you visit with us
- the Web browser and operating system with which you accessed us
- files you downloaded from our Website
- the duration, date and time of your visit
(2) These data are evaluated by Eni to find out about and assess user behaviour. There is no person-related use of your data.

2. Personal data
- Personal data are information used explicitly to establish your identity. Personal data include such information as your name, postal or e-mail address.
- We also store personal data in addition to the access data only if you furnish us with them voluntarily, e.g. when registering, in a survey, prize competition or a contact enquiry.
- What is more, personal data are used only to the requisite extent and only for the purpose agreed to by you or insofar as admissible in law. Eni uses encryption methods in secure domains for the secure transmission of your data. That means no-one else on the Internet can read the communication between your browser and, say, our ordering system.
- All data are stored only on specially protected servers of Eni. Moreover, if you use our ordering system it is deemed you consent to Eni and its partners storing and using your data.

3. Passing personal data on to third parties
- Eni also provides its services in conjunction with selected partners. They are subject to the same rigid provisions of data protection legislation and are also incorporated in Eni’s Data Protection Concept.
- Personal data are passed on exclusively
- when order data are processed, e.g. with online orders
- in an individual case when you have given your prior consent.
- Eni does not pass on to third parties further information such as information provided voluntarily on focal interests.
- Personal data are transmitted to state institutions and authorities only insofar as required in law or ordered by the courts.

4. Right to revoke consent
- If you ask Eni or the representative responsible for you in writing to amend, discontinue using or delete your personal data, we shall of course do so immediately.
- If you are registered as a user we offer you the opportunity to see the data yourself and if needs be delete or amend them.

5. Cookies and other active content
- Cookies are small text files used worldwide and in France by many Websites. During your visit cookies are created on our Website and saved by our server on your hard drive.
- Our cookies contain no person-specific information.
- What is more, cookies saved by our servers can only be read again by us and no third-party Website. Most browsers are set up in such a way that they accept cookies automatically.
- Should you not wish to enjoy the benefits of cookies, you can deactivate this function in your browser. This requires changing your browser’s individual preference settings. You can, of course, also view our Website without cookies. This can, however, result in restricted functioning of our offers.
- You can deactivate Javascript, ActiveX or other control elements and scripting languages on Websites that contain executables at any time on your browser for security reasons. But you can still navigate our Web pages without Javascript.

6. Links
Some of Eni’s Web pages contain links to other Websites. We scrutinise these direct links with reasonable due care. Eni is not responsible for the content of Websites we link to. Nor is Eni responsible for the content of Websites that refer to us.

7. Reservation of right
Eni reserves the right to alter this policy on data protection at any time whilst observing the provisions of data protection legislation.

Questions and comments
Should you still have any queries or suggestions on Eni’s data protection you are welcome to address them by e-mail to our Data Protection Officer.
Revised: 01.08.2011
Data Protection Officer

Eni France sarl
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Text beneath the Contact Form:
You can address your query to us on the contact form below. Your data will be forwarded by e-mail to us by our provider and deleted immediately after the query is answered, unless there are any statutory obligations to keep them. Your data will not be used for any other purpose or passed on to third parties. In addition we draw your attention to our Privacy Statement.