Code of Ethics and Model 231

Corporate responsibility is an essential component to the image and code of conduct of the Eni Group. The group's aims have always been to combine competitiveness and sustainable development.

The challenge facing the company as it strives to achieve a sustainable level of growth is to achieve economic success through innovation. At the same time, Eni places great emphasis on the improvement of the quality of life, the development of work standards, the protection of human rights and the promotion of sustainable development. By doing this, Eni has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the different sectors and different cultures.

This commitment is reflected in the principles of the Eni group, its directives and its strategic decisions, which determine the direction of the company. This encourages creativity and innovation helping the company build a culture of sustainable development and thus bolster shareholder confidence.
The continual growth in the assets and the development of people, society and environment related assets are part of what Eni is all about. Its investment in competitiveness and the future is based on the Eni Group's Code of Ethics, as are the high standards set for guiding the company in the pursuit of its mission (in accordance with  national and  international laws and agreements).

Eni has applied joined up thinking to energy production,  progress and the environment making for a world where the needs of everyone are catered for. The group has led the way in gaining a better understanding of these challenges which shape the company and its development. The objectives already achieved and the recognition that the group has acquired confirm just how effective this model is as well as its viability for the future.
this context and in the interest of strengthening its commitment, ENI France has developed an organisation, management and control model (the 231 Model) which ensures that the group is in compliance with the Italian law-decree  231 of 8 June 2001. The document sets out the faults and acts of detrimental conduct relating to the administrative responsibility of the group, which would be punishable by this decree-law.
You can download the Code of Ethics and the  231 Model at the bottom of the page.

Messages, even anonymous, received by Eni France

This information channel allows employees, including directors, as well as the members of the union organisations or third parties to send, notably in confidential or anonymous form, any  messages relating to issues concerning the  internal control system, member information, the company's administrative responsibility, acts of fraud or other violations (breach of the Code of  Ethics, cases of harassment, theft, safety infringements etc.).

Please feel free to read the E Annex of the Management System Guideline Anticorruption
You can send your message:

  • By letter post: to Eni France SARL, 12 Avenue Tony Garnier - CS 40720, 69367 Lyon Cedex 07
  • By fax to 04 72 40 78 96,
  • By email using our contact form that can be found on the Contact page > Refining & Marketing for this website , marking  "Code of  Ethics" as the subject
    and through the intranet Portal "MyEni" for employees and partners.

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