The best for your engine


As part of its active research, Eni develops high quality fuels and lubricants, helping to improve engine efficiency and service life, reducing fuel consumption at the same time. Reducing harmful emissions is Eni's central concern, and mindful of its duty of care to the environment the company has decided to make new fuels available at its service stations: LPG, biofuels, methane gas and DieselTECH.

In addition to this, a comprehensive quality assurance system ensures that only fuels that comply with the specifications are supplied and that our fuels always reflect the highest standards of quality. With the quality fuels on offer from Eni, you can enjoy added peace of mind, not just in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of caring for the environment and extending your engine's life. With Eni you can drive safe in the knowledge that our fuel is doing your engine some good.


Eni Suisse S.A.


Last updated on 20/11/18