A product based on eni research, is designed to improve the performance of all engines. Even power distribution increases engine response and buoyancy, reducing vibration and noise and making the engine operate more smoothly.

Clean injectors:

  • Injector cleanliness is the key factor to long life and excellent performance in diesel engines.
  • DieselTECH’s formulation has been created to keep new injectors clean and to eliminate deposits clogging dirty injectors. It is essential to keep injectors clean in order to guarantee diesel engine durability and performance.

Reducing emissions:

  • DieselTECH ensures optimal combustion and reduces emissions, thanks to the way it interacts with the injection system.

Reducing maintenance costs:

  • High-performance injectors save fuel and cut maintenance costs.

Reducing consumption:

  • DieselTECH’s actions increase engine efficiency, leading to significantly reduced consumption.


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Last updated on 20/11/18