Polymer-modified bitumen

Through the introduction of this bituminous mixture, new standards have been set in road construction. These are highly powerful special binders, which are derived from carefully selected types of bitumen. Through processing in special plants and the addition of suitable polymers, their rheological properties are significantly improved, i.e. concerning ductility, cohesive ability, elasticity and resistance to deformation.

Polymer-modified bitumen fulfils today's market requirements for high performance special binding agents, given its increased durability, strength and temperature stability. The optimised mechanical properties of the resulting asphalt mixtures ensure improved durability at full exploitation of the road surface (depends on the thickness of the applied layers). The use of polymer-modified bitumen also enables the optimisation of maintenance procedures and increases road traffic safety in the event of 'porous' layers.
The reason: the formation of spray mist (better grip, lower 'misting') is reduced, along with the rolling noise of tyres (noise absorption).

Last updated on 20/11/18