Refining & Marketing

Refining & Marketing

Eni Suisse SA operates throughout Switzerland through several warehouses in strategic locations in the country.

Warehouses 100% owned by Eni Suisse S.A.

  • Sennwald (located between St. Gallen and Chur): Simon Frick Strasse 26, Postfach, 9466 Sennwald
  • Stabio (in the canton of Ticino): Via S. Margherita 23, CP 539, 6855 Stabio

Warehouses in which Eni Suisse AG has a shareholding

  • Rümlang (near Zurich): Eni holds an interest in the Zurich warehouses of TAR and UBAG

Other warehouses in which Eni Suisse SA is present

  • In Basel, in the warehouse of TAU-Auhafen
  • In Geneva, in the warehouses of Sogep and Petrostock
  • In Mellingen, in the Avia-Mellingen warehouse

In addition, Eni Suisse SA has an interest in the following pipelines

  • Sappro which links France with Switzerland
  • Saraco which links the warehouses of Geneva with Cointrin airport
  • Ubag which links the TAR warehouse with Zurich airport


Last updated on 20/11/18