A new exhibition route with rare species and iconic trees

From 4 to 12 September, Eni is taking part in FuoriSalone 2021 with the Natural Capital installation inside the Brera Botanical Garden of the University of Milan. This exhibition, designed by innovation and design office CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati together with Italo Rota, invites you to look at the vital role of forests and greenery for the health of our planet, from a new perspective: one of the greatest data visualizations ever produced.

The degradation of forests and the reduction of their territorial coverage – resulting from unsustainable extensive agricultural practices, illegal logging, unsustainable use of biomass for energy purposes and urbanization phenomena – contribute to increasing CO2 emissions of anthropogenic origin. These phenomena also significantly reduce the natural absorption capacity of carbon in the atmosphere.

For these reasons, Eni has made forest conservation projects an important pillar of its decarbonization strategy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Forest conservation projects form part of a broader framework of energy efficiency measures, energy mix differentiation and the development of renewable energies, making it possible to offset, from the outset, the emissions that cannot be reduced with existing technologies.


Design and technology for the future of the planet

Natural Capital: this spectacular route through the Botanical Garden shows how 34 species of tree contribute to reducing CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere.

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