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Valid and binding as of 11/14/2023

The following Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter, “General Conditions”) apply to the use and/or access by Users of all the services and contents available on the website (the "Website") offered by Eni S.p.A., a company with registered office in Piazzale Enrico Mattei, 1 00144 Rome, Italy, Tax Code and Companies' Register of Rome, No. 00484960588, VAT no. 00905811006 - R.E.A. Rome No. 756453 (hereinafter, "Eni").

1. Identification of the Services

The purpose of the Website is to give visibility and make known Eni’s presence, as well as activities, products and services offered directly or through one or more of its Affiliates and/or other Group Companies in China. Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, reference to “Eni” shall be deemed as referring to Eni, Eni’s Affiliates and/or other companies of the Eni Group providing services and/or contents on or through the Website). By accessing the Website, Users may also identify career possibilities and request information and assistance in relation to all Services and information provided on the Website itself. All of the above services offered via the Website are identified as “Services”. Services may be provided via the Website by Eni directly of by one of more of its Affiliates, other Group Companies or external providers.

Eni reserves the right to expand the range of Services offered and/or discontinue one or more of the Services currently provided by updating the Website. In such event, these General Conditions shall also apply to all subsequent Services, as identified from time to time.

2. How the Services are provided

The Services are offered to Users without requiring payment of any fee. All costs to access the Internet network to use the Website and/or the Services shall be borne by the User and will be governed by the User's agreement with his/her provider, provided that Eni will at all times remain a third party with respects to such an agreement between the User and his/her provider.

Eni may at any and all times suspend or permanently interrupt the provision of the Services, in full or in part.

Eni will act with professional diligence in providing the Services to the User and in ensuring a safe experience. Insofar as permitted by applicable law, Eni disclaims all liabilities in relation to events outside of its control. Eni also offers no guarantee or warranty that the Services and the Website contents are at all times valid, accurate, uninterrupted, error-free, convenient and secure nor that they will meet the User's requirements; nor any guarantee or warranty of the results that are expected, hoped for or obtained through their use. Use of the Website and/or Services is at the User’s own risk and responsibility.

The Services may not be supported by any of the commercially available browsers and/or operating systems or some versions of the same. It is therefore the User's responsibility to identify the correct combination of software and hardware to provide an adequate degree of useful access to the Services.

3. Access to the Services

No registration shall be required in order to use the Services listed under Section 1. Unless otherwise provided for by applicable mandatory regulations, in order to access the Website and the Services, the User must be at least 16 (sixteen) years of age. Where required by applicable law, the User warrants that he/she, personally or through the person having the decision-making authority, has the legal capacity to access the Website and the Services. By using the Website or accessing the Services, the User declares to having fully read and understood the Privacy Policy available on the Website and the General Conditions and to accepting the latter. In case of use of the "Contact" section, to request information about Eni, the Website and/or the Services, Eni will require the User to enter some personal data. The processing of such data shall take place in accordance with the Privacy Policy available at the bottom of the Website. The User accepts and acknowledges that the "Contact" section of the Website allows the User to submit requests for information to Eni, in relation to which Eni does not provide any guarantee nor warranty that it will effectively respond to such requests or about the timing and content of the same.

Any and all information and/or material supplied to Eni by any User via the Website is deemed to be non confidential. Therefore Eni shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such information or material.

The Website may provide access to specific terms and conditions and privacy policy documents applicable in relation to one or more products or services provided by Eni. Acceptance of these General Conditions will not automatically imply acceptance of such additional terms and conditions and privacy policies, if any, which shall in case be separately and carefully read and accepted, if applicable, by Users as provided therein.

4. Changes to the General Conditions

Eni reserves the right to amend these General Conditions at any time by posting the new version of the applicable General Conditions in the relevant section of the Website. In the event of material changes and unless circumstances, applicable laws or authorities’ orders require otherwise, Eni will ensure that the new General Conditions come into force with reasonable notice. In such event, the effective date stated in the General Conditions themselves shall be binding. It is the User's responsibility to check from time to time for updates to the General Conditions on the Website.

The use of even a single Service or the Website by the User shall constitute a confirmation of his/her willingness to accept the General Conditions and their subsequent amendments.

The User will at all times retain the right to withdraw, without charges, from these General Conditions, by discontinuing access to the Website and use of the Services.

5. Use of the Services; indemnification

The User undertakes sole responsibility for any of his/her actions in relation to the Services and agrees to indemnify and hold Eni harmless from and against any and all claims or demands relating to or arising from his/her use or misuse of the Services.

Breach of the obligations under these General Conditions may result in temporary or permanent suspension of the Services or access to the Website for the User.

A suspended or terminated User is prohibited from accessing the Website and the Services. 

6. Intellectual and industrial property rights in relation to the Portal and the Website and Services

The User expressly acknowledges that all industrial and intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, know-how, source code, software, hardware, designs, applications, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, formulas, algorithms, models, databases and the like, relating to the Services data and other materials originating from Eni and/or its licensors or otherwise made available to the User by Eni and/or its licensors under the General Conditions or otherwise used within the Website are and remain the exclusive property of Eni and/or their respective owners, and that no rights, other than the right to exclusively personal use in accordance with these General Conditions, are granted to the User in relation to the above.

In particular, the User agrees, among other things, not to make acts of disposition (whether for free or for a consideration) or exploitation of the multimedia content on the Website and the respective software and therefore, by way of example, agrees not to reproduce, transcribe, perform or display them in any form, disseminate them communicate them to the public by any means whatsoever, distribute them, translate them, rent them, publish them, disseminate them, modify them, and create works based on them, in full or in part, in any other way that is not permitted under these General Conditions or by mandatory rules of law and in any case not to perform acts detrimental to the moral rights of the authors and the economic use of these works.

The User also acknowledges that he/she is not authorised to create derivative works from or in any way attempt to discover any source code of the software used within the Website even through decompilation and/or reverse engineering activities, or to develop products or software applications based on the same or that make use of them in any way. The User shall remain solely responsible in relation to any claims made by third parties due to improper use of the Website and for the consequent infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights or other rights of third parties, as well as for the violation of any applicable provision of law, and to that respects he/she expressly undertakes to indemnify and hold Eni harmless.

The databases on which the Services are based (hereinafter, the "Databases"), as well as the contents of the Website are also protected by applicable laws on copyright (hereinafter, "Copyright Law"). The Databases are also subject to significant investments by Eni, therefore the only permitted use of the Databases by Users is that made in accordance with these General Conditions. Under no circumstances may these General Conditions be interpreted as granting Users the right to extract or re-use all or a substantial part of the data.

7. Prohibition of resale

The User's right to use the Services is personal and non-transferable. The User may access the Website and the Services as an individual for strictly personal use and in any case not for gain, profit or in any case aimed at obtaining an economic utility. The User is prohibited from incorporating any of the contents extracted from the use of the Services and the Website into intellectual works. The User is forbidden to reproduce, publish, distribute, create databases, translate, adapt, duplicate, copy, sell, subject to framing or deep linking, resell and in any case exploit for commercial purposes or in any case for profit or gain the Services in any of their parts or what is extracted from the Databases, as well as the use of or access to the Website and/or the Services.

8. Links and external links

Eni may provide links to other sites or other Internet resources. The User acknowledges and recognises that Eni has no control over the content of such sites and as a mere third party has no responsibility for the content and/or material, including advertising material, distributed on such external sites or resources or for the products or services offered therein. Such products or services cannot be considered in any way sponsored, shared or supported by Eni and therefore the User assumes all responsibility for any purchases made of such products or services, thus excluding any kind of direct or indirect responsibility of Eni in relation to such transactions.

Users may be granted the right to share links to content within the Website on other social platforms present on the network. This activity shall be carried out by Users in accordance with these General Conditions and the conditions applicable to the platforms to which the link is made.

9. Limitation of liability

Insofar as permitted by applicable law, Eni disclaims any liability for any claims by the User relating to the inability to use the Website and/or the Services for any reason not attributable to Eni. Insofar as permitted by applicable law, Eni shall not be liable for any damages, claims, compensation or losses, direct or indirect, arising to the User from the failure and/or defective functioning of the User's own electronic equipment or that of third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telephone and/or telematics connections. Insofar as permitted by applicable law, Eni shall not be held in default of its obligations or liable for damages:

a) resulting from the failure to provide the Services due to the malfunction or failure of the electronic means of communication beyond Eni’s foreseeable control, including, but not limited to, fire, natural disasters, power failure, unavailability of telephone lines or other network service providers, malfunctioning of computers and other electronic devices, even if not an integral part of the Internet network, malfunctioning of computer programs installed by the User;

b) resulting from the actions of other users or other persons with access to the Internet.

10. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These General Conditions are governed by Italian law and the Court of Rome shall have exclusive jurisdiction, unless otherwise provided for by mandatory rules. 

In the case of a User who qualifies as a consumer, in accordance with current legislation, mandatory consumer protections provisions in accordance to Chinese law shall apply and for any dispute in relation to which Eni is a party and that arises from the use of the Website or Services or from the breach of these General Conditions, the Court of the place of residence or domicile elected by the User in the Chinese territory shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

In the event that some of the provisions are deemed invalid, void and/or otherwise unenforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless be considered fully valid and enforceable.

By accessing the Website and using the Services, the User in particular acknowledges he/she is accepting the following provisions of these General Conditions: Art. 2 "How the Services are provided"; Art. 4 "Changes to the General Conditions"; Art. 5 "Use of the Services; indemnification"; Art. 7 "Prohibition of resale"; Art. 9 "Limitation of liability"; Art. 10 "Applicable law and place of jurisdiction".

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