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The culture of safety at EniThe culture of safety at Eni
Eni’s strong commitment to safety, and the numerous projects that have been developed and implemented in recent years, have enabled the company to achieve significant results
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Eni and Culture
Eni and Culture

Cultural and artistic events, debates and background information for the broadest possible overview of the world of energy and beyond.

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The Culture of Energy
World Oil and Gas Review 2014

WOGR, the annual statistical review of the world’s oil and gas market and refining system.

World Oil and Gas Review

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Rethink Energy 
Rethink Energy

Today the campaign moves forward and will be enhanced by a special initiative that is entirely new in both national and international communications.

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Our History
Our story

Since 1952 our logo has told a great story: the story of Eni and its subsidiaries and their integral role in the development of the country.
Take a journey back in time, through pictures and videos on the EniHistory web site to find our about our past

EniHistoryA portrait of a great company
Interactive reports
Interactive reports

Annual Report 2013Discover Eni’s financial and sustainability performanceEni for 2013Eni's commitment to sustainable development issuesFact book 2013 Discover supplemental financial and operating information