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Agri-feedstock projects

Towards a new energy

Do you ever wonder how biofuels are obtained?


Biofuels are fuels used for transport, and are produced from different biogenic raw materials, such as oils extracted from seeds, organic waste and residues from the agro food industry.

Transport transition

Biofuels are a key contribution to the transport transition: they can cooperate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from cars, ships, trucks and airplanes.

Starting in 2021, we have launched a series of initiatives to develop the biofuel supply chain based on circular economy models: agri-feedstock projects.

eni pictures and videos

The seeds of a new energy

With the agri-feedstock projects, we generate long-term value by collaborating with stakeholders such as governments, communities, research centres and universities on the territory. With this spirit, we are developing agro industrial supply chains for the production of raw materials for biorefining on lands that do not compete with the food supply chain.

We aim to be leaders in this transformation, working with local communities, facilitating the access to the farmers market, preserving the environment and promoting social and economic development.