Porto Torres

Extension of the Porto Torres Industrial Areas Site of National Interest

1,874 hectares (of which approximately 1,200 hectares is the property of Eni Rewind)

Areas provenance

SIR Group (Società Italiana Resine)

Costs incurred

Approximately €370 million on 31st December 2019

Costs to be incurred

CAPEX approximately €220 million - OPEX approximately €15 million per year

Porto Torres from 1962 to present day

The petrochemical plant was built by S.I.R. in 1962, for phenol production. Successively, production of the following substances was developed:olefins, aromatics, cumene, ammonia, urea, ammonium sulphate, tripolyphosphate, sulphuric and phosphoric acid, caustic soda, chlorine, LAB, synthetic fibres and rubbers, plastics like ABS, polyethylene, VCM and PVC. In 1982 the activities of S.I.R. were handed over to Eni which in 1994, following the reorganisation of production activities, handed over its VCM-PVC production line to EVC (now Vynils). In 1995, the production of LAB (linear alkylbenzene) was handed over to CONDEA (now SASOL).
In 2001 Eni's environmental company undertook management activities for emergency safety containment and Groundwater Treatment Plants (TAF), an integral part of works required for Aquifer Reclamation, along with the establishment of monitoring networks, characterisation activities and Investigation Plans.
In 2010, following the approval of the Risk Analysis presented to the Italian Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea for the Soil and Aquifers; an Plan of Environmental Interventions was defined and shared with Public Administration, also taking into account commitments made with the signing of the Memorandum of Intent for Green Chemistry.
By 31st December 2019, approximately 370 million euros had been spent on soil, aquifer and demolition operations, including TAF management costs. It is expected that approximately a further 220 million euros will be spent, in addition to approximately 15 million euros per year for TAF management.


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