Cengio e Saliceto

Extension of Cengio and Saliceto SIN

77 hectares (of which approximately 67 hectares is the property of Eni Rewind)

Area provenance

Montedison – Enimont (former Acna) operation

Costs incurred

Approximately €350 million on 31st December 2019

Costs to be incurred

CAPEX approximately €20 million - OPEX approximately €2 million per year

The requalification of a centenarian production plant

The Cengio and Saliceto Site of National Interest (identified with law 426/98) is located in the valley of the Bormida river in the Savona province and consists of an area of approximately 67 hectares, including some terrain in the neighbouring municipality of Saliceto. Its story first began in 1882, the year in which it saw the opening of a small dynamite production plant, Societé Continentale Glicerynes et Dynamites, for the war industry at the time. In 1925 the plant was converted into an intermediate plant for dyes and pharmaceuticals by Acna - Aziende Chimiche Nazionali Associate; in 1931 it was taken over by Montecatini, followed by Montedison in 1964. After a century of activity by companies beyond the Eni Group, in 1988 Acna became part of Enimont as part of industrial rescue operations provided for by the Italian government, when Eni was a public entity. It wasn't until 1991 that it came under the control of Enichem, now Eni Rewind: following on from an initial resizing, the company definitively stopped production activities in 1999. The recovery plan, which first got under way in 1988, was relaunched in 1988, with the signing of a Programme Agreement in 2000 between Acna, the Ministries for the Environment, Industry and Healthcare, the Liguria and Piedmont regions and the Deputy Commissioner. The site was divided into four homogeneous areas for reclamation and permanent safety containment operations, preceded by characterisation activities to analyse the terrain and pollutants. A1 is the area designated for the storage of materials; A2 is the plant area and where the Torrione is located, symbol of Cengio; A3 is the wetland area and A4 is called Pian Rocchetta.
Thanks to the company's prompt implementation of environmental cleanup activities, life has returned to the river Bormida: water quality has been defined as "good" by control bodies. Currently reclamation operations are nearing completion. In particular, capping of the A1 area will be completed in early 2020.
On 31st December 2019 Eni Rewind had spent approximately 350 million euros on environmental cleanup activities on the aquifer and soil matrices as well as on demolition works. It is estimated that a further 20 million euros will be incurred. A significant commitment, well over the 300 billion euros forecast by the Programme Agreement.


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