Water treatment

Eni Rewind is engaged in the implementation of major groundwater remediation interventions through­out the national territory. The activities are implemented through an integrated aquifer interception system – consisting of 1,000 pumping wells and 2,000 monitoring wells – and the conveyance of water to treatment plants for purification. Eni Rewind manages 42 groundwater treatment plants, 25 of which are its own property, and in 2019 treated 31 million cubic metres of water, recovering about 5 million mainly for industrial use. Since October 2017 Eni’s environmental society has also been managing water pumping and treatment systems in Gela, for the refinery.

Specific technologies for each contaminant

Plants use specific technologies according to contaminants present and salt levels, with chemical-physical (metals), stripping (organic chlorinates), active carbon filtering (organic substances), biological treatment (ammonia compounds), osmosis (salt removal) and purification sections for the re-emission of water into the aquifer, so that it can be recovered or reused at Eni sites.

TAF plants

Water management and treatment activities are significant for Eni Rewind as they constitute the heart of its circular and sustainable mission. This objective has led to the installation and activation of special demineralised water production sections across a number of our sites for subsequent reuse within the industrial plants. The technical and management rationalisation of all water treatment plants first began in 2011.

Remotisation of TAF plants

In 2016 the control room of groundwater treatment plants (TAF) and water hydraulic barriers was inaugurated in San Donato Milanese, for the remote management of 19 plants owned by Eni Rewind in Italy. Control room operation is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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