The Conti Vecchi Salt Planes

Without a doubt, the Conti Vecchi salt planes are a truly special place, where nature and mankind have harmoniously integrated. At the Assemini industrial hub, production activities coexist with a unique natural oasis which was requalified, enhanced and transformed into a heritage open to the public, thanks to partnerships with FAI- the Italian National Trust. Since 2017, following extensive recovery and restoration operations, it is now possible to visit part of the historic complex of the salt planes, along dedicated paths immersed in nature, among white mountains and flamingos. A unique best practice for environmental and cultural promotion, inside a site which is still operative.


Partnership with FAI - Italy's National Trust

In 2015 Eni's environmental company signed a promotion agreement with FAI - the Italian National Trust, enabling the Conti Vecchi salt planes to be opened to the public in May 2017, for ten months a year, after historic, cultural and environmental recovery operations. A unique cultural promotion experience, combining industrial activity with the historic and naturalistic value of an operative site. This best practice has potential for application in national and international contexts.

How to book a visit to the salt plane
The Conti Vecchi salt planes are open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, the full tour lasts approximately an hour and forty-five minutes and includes a tourist group visit to the naturalistic area.



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