Organisational Chart and Governance

Strength in an agile and streamlined structure
Governance inspired by efficiency criteria

Our organisational structure

Eni Rewind is organised into five transversal functions (HR; Planning, Administration and Control; Health, Safety, Environment and Quality; Environmental Procurement and Institutional Relations) and three operative lines (Circular Economy & Business Services; Environmental Technical & Site Activities e Water & Waste Management).

Our governance

The company bodies which make up the Eni Rewind system of governance are: the Board of Directors, the Statutory Board of Auditors and the Shareholders' Meeting. The Chief Executive Officer is supported in his functions by the Management Committee, made up of top executive who report directly to him.

The Board of Directors currently in office was appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting on 16th April 2019 and its members are:

Rita Marino


Paolo Grossi

Chief Executive Officer

Lorella Di Cosmo


Luigino Lusuriello


Rita Marino


The current Statutory board of auditors was appointed by the Meeting on 5th April 2017, its term will end upon the approval of the 2019 Financial Statements and its members are:

Carlo Invernizzi


Alessandro Ridolfi

Statutory Auditor

Paola Camagni

Statutory Auditor

Alberto Luigi Gusmeroli

Alternate auditor

Anna Maria Faienza

Alternate auditor

With reference to deliberations of the Company's Board of Directors on 24th June 2020, the Supervisory Board, pursuant to Model 231/2001, is as follows:

Paolo Momigliano


Michele Brancadoro

Celeste Mola

Model 231: organisation, management and control

Model 231 of Eni Rewind, as an organisation, management and control model pursuant to Italian Law (Legislative Decree no. 231/2001), aims to prevent the commission of certain crimes in activities at risk, for corporate liability purposes. Our Model 231 was drafted adopting Eni Code of Ethics as a mandatory general principle.

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