In detail:

  • the main activities related to the Upstream sector
  • Eni’s presence, in the R&M sector, in the domestic and industrial LPG market through the companies Esain, Esacontrol and Tecnoesa
  • Eni offices and contacts in Ecuador

Exploration & Production

Eni has been present in Ecuador since 1988 in the upstream. Operations are performed in Block 10 (Eni’s interest 100%) located in the Oriente Basin, in the  Amazon Forest, over a developed acreage of 1,985 square kilometers net to Eni. In 2018, Eni’s production averaged 12 kbbl/d.

Exploration and production activities in Ecuador are regulated by a service contract.


Production. Production deriving from the Villano oil field, started in 1999, is processed by a Central Production Facility and transported to storage facility in the Pacific Coast through a pipeline network.

Refining & Marketing

Eni has been operating in Ecuador since 1967 in the R&M activities, where it sells LPG for domestic and industrial use, ensuring territorial coverage to over two thousand dealers and customers, and directly managing four bottling plants. The staffing structure is made up, including clerical staff and workers, of 390 people. Eni Ecuador operates through Esain (the company responsible for domestic marketing), Esacontrol (which produces valves and regulators) and Tecnoesa (for the production and repair of LPG cylinders). The Ecuador group has a market share of 37.3% and is the market leader in the distribution of LPG in the country.

Offices & contacts

Exploration & Production
Agip Oil Ecuador B.V.
Av Diego de Almagro N32.48 y Whymper. Edif IBM Piso 3
Tel. Registered office in Amsterdam (0031) 20 5707100

Refining & Marketing
Agip Ecuador S.A.
Avenida Patria Y Amazonas; Cofiec. Bldg.- 8° Piso
Tel. (00593) 2 554133

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