In detail:

  • the production and exploration of oil and gas in the country
  • electricity generation at the main power stations across Italy
  • the retail distribution of petroleum products, proprietary refineries in the country and the Green Refinery (the conversion into a bio-refinery)
  • Eni offices and contacts in Italy

Exploration & Production

In 2015, Eni’s oil and gas production amounted to 169 kboe/d. Eni’s activities in Italy are deployed in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, the Central Southern Apennines, mainland and offshore Sicily and the Po Valley, on a total developed and undeveloped acreage of 21,083 square kilometres (16,975 square kilometres net to Eni).

Eni’s exploration and development activities in Italy are regulated by concession contracts (51 operated onshore and 64 operated offshore) and exploration licenses (11 onshore and 9 offshore).


Adriatic and Ionian Sea

Production Fields in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea accounted for 47% of Eni’s domestic production in 2015, mainly gas. Main operated fields are Barbara, Cervia/Arianna, Annamaria, Luna, Angela-Angelina, Hera Lacinia, Bonaccia and Porto Garibaldi. Production is operated by means of 68 fixed platforms (3 of these are manned) installed on the main fields, to which satellite fields are linked by underwater infrastructures. Production is carried by sealine to the mainland where it is input in the national gas network. The system is subject continuously to rigorous safety control, maintenance activities and production optimization.

Development Main development activities concerned: (i) maintenance and optimization of production, mainly at the Barbara, Anemone, Annalisa, Armida and Guendalina fields; (ii) start-up of the Bonaccia NW project and ongoing development activities at the Clara field; and (iii) launch of CLEAN SEA programme (Continuous Long-term Environment Monitoring and Asset Integrity at Sea), a robotic system of environmental monitoring and inspection of offshore facilities.


Central Southern Apennines

Production Eni is the operator of the Val d’Agri concession (Eni’s interest 60.77%) in the Basilicata Region in Southern Italy. Production from the Monte Alpi, Monte Enoc and Cerro Falcone fields is  treated by the Viggiano oil center.

On March 31 2016, as part of an investigation commenced by the Italian Public Prosecutor of Potenza for alleged environmental crimes that is disclosed in the legal proceeding section in the Annual report on Form 20-F 2015 (see page F-86), it was ordered the seizure of certain plants that are functional to the activity of hydrocarbons production, which has been shut down. The interruption is currently affecting a production of approximately 60 kboe/d net to Eni. The value-in-use of the Val D’Agri CGU determined as part of the impairment review of 2015 significantly exceeds the CGU carrying amount, so to exclude that even under the worst-case production shutdown among the currently foreseeable scenarios a reduction of the CGU book value at the reporting date might occur.

Development The development plan is progressing in line with the commitments agreed with the Basilicata Region, particularly in 2015: (i) a new gas treatment unit realized, in order to improve production capacity of the treatment oil centre and the environmental performance; (ii) the Environmental Monitoring Plan is being implemented. This project represents a benchmark in terms of environmental protection. In addition, Eni implements best practices in environmental protection by means of the Action Plan for Biodiversity in Val d’Agri; and (iii) programs to support a cultural and social development, tourism as well as development of agricultural and food farming businesses.



Production Eni operates 12 production concessions onshore and 3 offshore. The main fields are Gela, Ragusa, Tresauro, Giaurone, Fiumetto and Prezioso, which in 2015 accounted for approximately 11% of Eni’s production in Italy.

Following the Memorandum of Understanding for the Gela area, signed with the Ministry of Economic Development in November 2014, Eni started preparatory study on the Argo Cluster offshore development project.



Gas & Power

Natural gas supply

The basic demand for Eni’s natural gas in Italy is predominantly catered for by supplies coming from abroad, mainly from Russia, Algeria, the North Sea and Libya.

Sales of natural gas

Sales in Italy increased to 38.44 bcm, up by 12.9% due to higher spot volumes and more severe weather conditions compared to 2014. These effects were partially offset by lower volumes marketed to the thermoelectric segment due to the competition from other energy sources (in particular, from renewables), the reduction in electricity demand registered in particular in the first part of the year as well as lower sales to the industrial segment due to increasing competitive pressure.


Availability of electricity

Eni’s power generation sites are located in Ferrera Erbognone, Ravenna, Livorno, Mantova, Brindisi, Ferrara and Bolgiano. In 2015, power generation was 20.69 TWh, up by 1.14 TWh or 5.8% from 2014, mainly due to higher production at Ferrara Erbognone, Ravenna and Brindisi plants following increasing demand. As of December 31, 2015, installed operational capacity was 4.9 GW (4.9 GW as of December 31, 2014). Electricity trading reported a slight increase to 14.19 TWh, due to higher purchases on the spot market (up by 1.1%) reflecting mainly higher spot sales, almost completely offset by lower electricity sales.

Power sales

In 2015 power sales (34.88 TWh) were directed to the free market (74%), the Italian power exchange (15%), industrial sites (9%) and others (2%). Compared to 2014, a 3.9% increase was attributable to higher sales to wholesalers and residential segment, partially offset by lower volumes traded to small and medium-sized enterprises and to large clients.

Refining & Marketing

Retail sales in Italy

In Italy Eni is the leader in the distribution of petroleum products with a market share of 24.5%, 1% down compares to 2014. In 2015, sales in the retail market (5.96 million tonnes) showed a decrease on 2014 (about 180 thousand tonnes – 2.9%) due to increasing competitive pressure. The average distribution of petrol and diesel (1.569 thousand litres) was down on 2014 by about 35 thousand litres. On 31st December 2015, the distribution network in Italy was made up of 4,420 service stations, with a decrease of 172 on the figure recorded on 31st December 2014. (4,592 service stations). This reduction is due to the negative contribution of acquisition/releases concessions (115 units), the closing of service stations with low throughput (56 units) and the lack of renewal of 1 motorway concession. The “you & eni” loyalty program, launched in 2010, finished on January 2015. On April 2016, a new “you & eni” program has been launched, with a 2 years duration


Refining System

Eni’s refining system in Italy is made up of thre directly owned refineries (Sannazzaro, Livorno and Taranto) and a 50% ownership of the refinery in Milazzo. Each of Eni’s refineries has its own operative and strategic characteristics aimed at maximising the potential of the individual plant, its geographic position in relation to the market, integrating Eni’s activities as well as developing environmentally-friendly technologies. Moreover, Eni in Italy has converted the former refinery in Venice in a green refinery (the first example in the world of transformation in biorefinery) and initiated the green project conversion in the industrial site of the former refinery in Gela.

Offices and contacts

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Piazza Ezio Vanoni, 1
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Exploration & Production
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Gas & Power
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Refining & Marketing
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