In detail:

  • Eni’s presence in the country in the Gas & LNG Marketing and Power sector
  • activities in the retail and wholesale market for petroleum products through Eni Austria Group
  • Eni offices and contacts in Austria
  • direct link to the site dedicated to Austria (in German and English)

Gas & LNG Marketing and Power

In 2017, total sales in Germany-Austria amounted to 6.95 bcm, a decrease of 0.86 bcm, or 11% from 2016.

Currently, Eni operates in the Austrian market with trading activities and, from 1st of January 2018, manages the signed gas contracts.

Refining & Marketing

Eni has been present in the country since 1959. The company has more than 170 resources and its head office is in Vienna. Eni Austria Group operates in the network market and extra network of petroleum products. Its presence in the network is particularly relevant, reaching a market share of 12.4%, with 319 service stations, of which 208 are owned. Eni Austria is the second branded operator in the country and holds the largest number of plants. Sales on the wholesale market, are about 220 kton, with the marketing of petrol, diesel, LPG, lubricants and combustible oils.

Since 2015, Austria Group has set up three Lubricants sales branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Further two lubrication branches have been established since 2016, in Hungary and Slovenia.

Offices and contacts

Refining & Marketing 
Eni Austria GmbH
Eni Austria Marketing GmbH
Eni Mineralölhandel GmbH
Millennium Tower Handelskai 94-96 
1200 Vienna 
Tel. (0043) 1 240700

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