Iraq sustainability
In detail:

  • the agreement with the Basrah Gas Company to supply associated gas for domestic use
  • projects for the development of local content
  • initiatives to guarantee access to education in the Zubair area
  • the implementation of EITI criteria in Iraq

Access to energy

Eni Iraq BV (EIBV) supports the Iraqi government’s strategy to reduce, or at least contain, gas flaring and the valorisation of associated gas for power generation. In this context, the agreement with the Basrah Gas Company is a significant milestone which has enabled Eni to supply its customers with associated gas for domestic use. The goal has been included in EIBV’s strategic plan which aims to gradually reduce gas flaring and to meet local energy needs through the development of its own new infrastructure: the Initial Production Facilities (IPF) and Power Plant Generation (PPG) both fuelled by associated gas from the Zubair field operated by Eni Iraq. Promoting access to energy and energy efficiency, EIBV supports the objective of sustainable development launched by the international community that is committed to ensuring access to sustainable energy for all by 2030.

Socio-economic development

Eni has been operating in Iraq since 2010. In 2012 an analysis of local needs was initiated with the participation of all relevant stakeholders in order to optimise the integration of these studies in planning and programming processes, to ensure the realisation of joint projects that create value and promote sustainable development.

Safety and human rights

In 2011 Eni Iraq’s security forces followed a training course on “Human Rights and Security” to promote the identification of consolidated and exemplary measures in terms of safety, conflict prevention and dialogue.

Local content

Through the adoption of a Vendor Management System, Eni Iraq offers local businesses coaching and training to enable them to reach ever higher performance standards and that enable them to prosper and grow. The development plans are aimed at improving employability and ensuring that the development of the private sector becomes an attractive prospect at the local level.


In Iraq Eni supports projects to improve access to primary education for all children in the Zubair area, considering education a tool to ensure a better future for children and to promote the consolidation of a conscious and inclusive society. Support is focused on the improvement of buildings and classrooms and spaces for social and recreational activities, as well as ensuring the provision of teaching materials and school equipment.


Iraq achieved “EITI compliant” status in December 2012. In December 2014 it published an EITI report based on figures for 2012. This is the first report prepared in accordance with the EITI Standard with an expansion of disclosure (employment data and information relating to licences, service contracts). Eni provided information about payments.

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