Indonesia sustainability
In detail:

  • SA8000 audits to assess respect for human rights and labour, the protection of minors and safety in the workplace
  • the engagement of local stakeholders and institutions
  • action taken in the healthcare area, including HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns and a project for operations on children affected by cleft lip and palate syndrome
  • the construction of public schools
  • mangrove reforestation on the Indonesian coast
  • a video on activities and development projects in Indonesia

Socio-economic development

Eni is committed to contributing to the development of the countries in which it operates, using local labour and suppliers for the goods and services required for its activities. Numerous market surveys have been conducted in the country to assess the skills of local enterprises and we made an SA8000 audit to analyse respect for human and workers’ rights, child protection and safety in the workplace. In 2015 we carried out a total of 107 SA8000 audits in nine countries, including Indonesia. Since 2013 we have created a training project in Indonesia on the theme of “Human Rights and Safety”, aimed at raising awareness among operators on the issue of respect for human rights and to encourage them to observe the Code of Ethics.

In Indonesia, Eni maintains a constructive dialogue with local stakeholders, involving institutions, fishing communities and local religious authorities in the regions of Tarakan, Kutai Kartanegara and in the western part of the island of Timor.
Through the Vico Indonesia consortium local communities have been supported with various social development and infrastructure projects. In 2015 we conducted training programmes for local farmers, to facilitate the introduction of modern agricultural techniques, in Marangkayu Muara Badak, Anggana, Muara Jawa and Samboja. Specific training was also provided for the fishing communities in Samboja, for the sustainable management of ecosystems and the use of equipment; special attention was paid to groups of women trained in the maintenance of nets. Eni also contributed to the creation of the Centre of Public Economic Development in the districts of Muara Badak, Muara Jawa and Marangkayu, as well as the construction or renovation of public buildings and recreational and sports centres for the communities of Papua Barat and East Kalimantan, such as Public Hall in Handil Baru; in particular, work has begun on the development of the Sidodadi Park in Sidodadi Village.
In 2015, Eni also intervened in the reconstruction of houses damaged by the hurricane in Samboja, East Kalimantan, part of the national programme for intervention in case of natural disasters. In addition, numerous traditional as well as commemorative events have received support, for the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage of the communities of Papua Barat and Samboja. Finally, Eni led a workshop in Samboja for local contractors to increase the opportunities for participation in oil and gas procurement processes.


In the health sector, the main measures introduced by Eni were:
  • the construction and renovation of rural health centres 
  • the donation of equipment for the diagnosis of malaria
  • the organization of training courses for midwives
  • vaccination campaigns for children and pregnant women
In the context of the Vico Indonesia consortium, Eni has also completed a series of initiatives, mainly in the region of East Kalimantan, including HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, information about drug addiction and blood donation, equipment was provided for a public clinic and a medical centre was built. In 2009 Eni started a project in the local community of Tarakan, in collaboration with Smile Train Foundation, the Indonesian Ministry of Health and the Eni Foundation, to operate children with cleft lip and palate, and to train local medical personnel on the therapeutic management of these pathologies. Since the project started, more than 190 children have been treated, 20 hospital staff trained and surgical instruments and equipment delivered.

The project included surgical missions with the transfer to Italy of particularly serious cases, the provision of medical and surgical equipment and intensive specialised training programmes for local medical staff according to internationally accredited surgical standards. The project was carried out at the provincial hospital in the city of Tarakan in East Kalimantan, Indonesia’s second most extensive province, located on the island of Borneo. A new specialised centre is currently under construction.


Eni has contributed to the construction of public schools in the area and organised a writing competition for high school students.
In 2015 we launched a scholarship programme for the participation in Eni’s Master MEDEA Eni of two students per academic year from East Kalimantan. The scholarship includes, in addition to exemption from payment of fees of €25,000, free educational materials, a contribution towards accommodation costs and the use of staff canteens.


In 2015 Eni planted 16,000 thousand mangrove trees on the Indonesian coast, near the villages of Handin Baru and Senipah to protect communities from coastal erosion and high tides.


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