Saudi Arabia
In detail:

  • activities in the Gas & LNG Marketing and Power sector though Ecofuel, an Eni subsidiary that has a 10% in the Ibn Zahr Saudi European Petrochemical Company
  • Eni offices and contacts in Saudi Arabia

Refining & Marketing

Ecofuel, a subsidiary of Eni, has a 10% stake in Ibn Zahr Saudi European Petrochemical Company, founded in 1984, which built and operates a MTBE plant (high-octane component for petrol) with a capacity of 1,4 million tons/year, as part of the Ibn Zahr petrochemical complex at Al Jubail. Ibn Zahr Saudi has built and also manages a polypropylene plant with a capacity of 1.2 thousand tons/year.

Offices & contacts

Refining & Marketing
Ecofuel –Zahr Saudi European Petrochemical Company
Jubail Industrial City 
31961 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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