Saudi Arabia
We are currently present in Saudi Arabia in Refining & Marketing activities but our presence in the country dates back to 1967 when we signed an oil exploration agreement with the government. After 1973 cooperation with the country was mainly in the commercial, engineering and petrochemicals sectors.

Refining & Marketing

Ecofuel, a subsidiary of Eni, has a 10% stake in Ibn Zahr Saudi European Petrochemical Company, founded in 1984, which built and operates a MTBE plant (high-octane component for petrol) with a capacity of 1, 4 million tons/year, as part of the Ibn Zahr petrochemical complex at Al Jubail. The Ibn Zahr Saudi also manages a polypropylene plant with a capacity of 640 thousand tons/year, located in the same complex.

Offices & contacts

Refining & Marketing
Ecofuel - Zahr Saudi European Petrochemical Company
Jubail Industrial City
31961 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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