In detail:
  • the marketing of LNG in Japan

Gas & LNG Marketing and Power

In 2013, Eni signed an agreement with the Japanese company Chubu Electric Power for the sale of 28 cargoes of LNG (or 1,7 Mton of LNG) over the period 2013-2017.Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) loads, corresponding to 1.7 million tons of LNG, in the period 2013-2017.

Under this agreement, which is the first joint purchase contract between Japan and South Korea, Eni will source the cargoes from its global LNG portfolio and ship them either to South Korea or Japan according to the two clients’ allocation needs, increasing the flexibility and security of supply of their respective sourcing portfolios.

The agreement, which follows a previous one for the sale of 49 cargoes of LNG (equivalent to 3,3 Mton of LNG) to the Japanese market, has strengthen Eni’s presence in the Far East LNG market.

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