The six-legged dog: the Eni trademark between design and literature
Eni’s historical trademark was designed by Luigi Broggini who took part in the competition held by the company in 1952 with a design inspired by the innovative lines of American architecture. These were the years of the economic boom, and Italians started moving around in cars and the six-legged dog established itself as “the loyal friend of the man on four-wheels” described by Ettore Scola. Here you can watch video interviews with the protagonists of the redesigns of the logo that took place in 1952, 1972 and 1998, the text “That dragon of a dog” label given to Eni’s logo by the poet Emilio Tadini and an overview of the travelling exhibition “The six-legged dog: a symbol between memory and the future” that, shows the rich heritage that has surrounded the trademark from 1956 to the present.

Eni’s history and culture in a successful trademark

The six-legged dog, by the artist Luigi Broggini, our trademark from the beginning, took shape in 1952, when he won an advertising competition held by Eni. Broggini was an intellectual and advertising is not generally considered an artistic expression, which is why he did not immediately recognise the paternity of the logo. The mystery surrounding the origin of this strange creature, halfway between a dog and a dragon, gave birth to numerous interpretations that ultimately nourished the myth. But it was not long before the six-legged dog “the loyal friend of the man on four wheels” - according to the slogan invented by Ettore Scola - became an element of signage, thanks to rapid spread on Italian roads of a new idea of the service station, absolutely revolutionary for its time, offering motorists high quality catering services, as well as refuelling. These were the fifties, the economic boom had changed and improved conditions in the country. Mass motorisation enabled Italians to move, and travelling became easier for everyone: the dog, which identified service stations and motels, became a familiar sight, visually unifying the north and south of the country. While the economic miracle was underway, Eni was growing and expanding beyond its national borders, from Africa to the Middle East. Geologists, engineers, drillers and technicians moved with their families to Egypt, Iran, Libya and Tunisia. And the six-legged dog that rose every morning on the flagpoles of platforms and at oil fields became the unifying element of men and women who shared a passion for challenges.

A trademark that generates a sense of belonging

These were also the years that shapes the identity of Eni and its corporate culture. For its employees and their families, Eni offered a wide range of services and benefits. From summer camps for children to the organisation of leisure time, from a company magazine full of cultural insights to comfortable residential complexes designed to be easily accessible from the workplace. The dog proved to be a symbol able generate extraordinary recognition and a sense of belonging to the great Eni family. Today Eni is an energy company that is able to intelligently integrate exploration, production and distribution activities, as well as engineering and plant construction. In terms of scale, Eni is Italy’s biggest company and one of the most important in the world. Despite being an innovative company looking to the future, Eni remains loyal to its history and its values: continuing to speak about innovation, dialogue, cooperation, culture and the six-legged dog, now called upon to face many and much broader meanings than in the past, demonstrating an ability to maintain the link with a history of over sixty years made of ever new challenges and successes.


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