Eni’s unmistakable trademark encapsulates the company philosophy focused on a passion for technological innovation and progress, together with the indispensable values of integrity, respect for people and the environment. Today the company is a dynamic reality, capable of facing an increasingly competitive market without forgetting the importance of individuals and the landscape. Eni has adapted to the times, expanding along with Italy and Italians. Among the many examples of this growth there is also the latest adaptation of the trademark, which in 2010 underwent a restyling based on the concept of “openness”. Here are the concepts on which the new version of the logo is based.

An unmistakable brand that represents the company’s values

Eni has a long history of interaction and work with a variety of external stakeholders, and aims to meet the needs of the territory and remain open to a constantly changing market, while maintaining a name and an unmistakable trademark, that of the six-legged dog. The experience and values ​​of Agip and Eni have merged into a single identity, that of an integrated enterprise for the production of energy, committed to growth around the world in the exploration, transport, transformation and marketing of oil and natural gas. In the sixty-six countries in which Eni operates, its brand communicates innovation, culture, attention to sustainability and predisposition to collaboration with local companies and communities. The transfer of these guidelines to the complex scenarios that exist in many parts of the world has enabled Eni to innovate further by recovering the close relationship that exists between the natural environment, people and society in order to adapt to the times. The company’s privatisation process that started in 1995 combined with an increasingly competitive market carry oblige Eni every day to rethink itself and consequently to renew its brand.

The dynamics of the brand drives Eni towards the future

The six-legged dog associated with Eni is an ideal synthesis of this philosophy. The trademark promotes all the company’s activities that range from the distribution of petrol, gas and electricity, to the production fields and the stock exchange listing. The adoption of a single brand name and trademark has encouraged greater cohesion among the various sectors, a better cultural homogeneity, and also encouraged the emergence of a strong corporate identity, the result of a great past and a great tradition. One such innovation can be seen in the 2010 advertising campaign in which Eni’s six-legged dog emerges from the box and is projected towards a new company reality that communicates dynamism and tension towards the future. The typeface is also new and the characters are in lower case to highlight the close relationship that Eni wants to maintain with suppliers, customers, shareholders and employees.

Eni’s advertising has made history

The complex dynamics that have changed Italy and the Italians in the course of nearly a century passes also through the development of energy production and Eni’s communication campaigns that have promoted awareness with commercials and billboards. A long series of films from the different periods starring luminaries such as Raffaella Carra, Dario Fo and Franca Valeri helps to put together Eni’s history and retrace the fascinating process that enabled Italy to become a part of the world’s industrial civilisation.


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