Documents from Eni’s Historical Archive
In May 2006 Eni launched the series “Documents from the Historical Archives” with the objective of disseminating particularly relevant texts identified during the restoration of the archive. Three publications chronicling the history of oil in Italy up until the founding of the company through words, photographs and anecdotes from another era.

The Italian oil question

“The studies of Oreste Jacobini between the first and second post-war periods” was the first volume in the series and draws on an original document, the result of the studies and activities of an Italian oil industry pioneer between the first and the second world wars. Published in 2006, it is interesting not only for the specific content, but above all because it is written by a leading protagonist of the industry: a manager who combined highly technical skills with a great sensitivity and passion for study and the sharing of knowledge. His testimony offers an opportunity to analyse data from an internal company perspective and appreciate the originality of the author.

The story of the miner Mazzini Pissard

The story “Legend of a pioneer. The Diary of Mazzini Garibaldi Pissard”, published in 2008, is the autobiographical writings of a Sardinian mining technician, a driller who examines his work experience at Agip and Eni between the end of the twenties and the early eighties. The memories of Mazzini Pissard are in story form: during a winter afternoon the worker, now retired, writes to his grandchildren recalling nearly half a century devoted entirely to drilling for oil.

Daily life in the company

The third volume of the series Documents from Eni’s Historical Archives came out in 2012. “Narrated memory. The stories and memories of the men and women of Eni” brings together tales of the corporate life of the employees who participated in the competition “Narrated memory”, organised by the Association of Eni Pioneers and Veterans. Even before being a story about the experiences of those who work in Eni, in Italy and around the world, it is a comprehensive sociological study on the emigration of Italians up and down the Peninsula and across the world.

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