Documents from Eni’s Historical Archive
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  • e-books available for free download from the iTunes bookstore that tell the story of both Eni and Italy
  • “Documents from the Historical Archive”, three publications that cover the history of the oil business in Italy

e-books: the company is also a portrait of the country

Photographs, films and authentic documents: Eni has published five e-books available to download for free from the iTunes store. Each e-book is divided into three sections: Italian history, with images from the Alinari archives and a speech by Mario Pirani; the history of Eni and, finally, the historical archive where you can find a selection of valuable company documents. The texts have been edited and curated by Daniele Pozzi, who has been overseeing Eni’s history for many years.

Editorial series “Documents from the Historical Archive”

In May 2006, Eni launched the series “Documents from the Historical Archives”. The objective was to disseminate relevant texts identified during restoration work on the archive. Three publications chronicling the history of oil in Italy up to the founding of the company in the words, photographs and anecdotes from another era:
  • “Studies by Oreste Jacobini between the first and second post-war periods”, 2006: written by a manager that combined high technical skills with a great sensitivity and passion for study and dissemination. The result is an original document, the fruit of the studies and activity of an Italian oil industry pioneer between the first and the second world post-war periods. 
  • “The Legend of the Pioneer. Diary of Mazzini Garibaldi Pissard”, 2008: the autobiographical work of a Sardinian mining technician, a driller who retraces his work with Agip and Eni from the end of the twenties to the early eighties. On a winter’s afternoon the technician, now retired, wrote to his grandchildren recalling nearly half a century of activity devoted entirely to drilling for oil. 
  • “Narrated memory. The stories and memories of the men and women of Eni”, 2012: including stories of the corporate life of the employees who participated in the competition, “Narrated Memory”, organised by the Association of Eni Pioneers and Veterans.

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