Gatto Selvatico
In detail:

  • the leading contributors to Eni’s in-house magazine the “Gatto Selvatico” from 1955 to 1965

The “Gatto Selvatico” as a cultural laboratory

Natalia Ginzburg, Carlo Emilio Gadda, Giorgio Caproni, Alfonso Gatto, Romano Bilenchi, Carlo Cassola, Enzo Siciliano, Giorgio Bassani, Leonardo Sciascia were among the many prestigious contributors to the magazine “Gatto Selvatico”. The pages alternated refined art history lectures by the poet Bertolucci with stories by some of the best writers of the time. Enrico Mattei’s great cultural sensibility led to the creation of an internal house magazine that mirrored the corporate philosophy and to which many of Italy’s leading contemporary writers contributed. This was what became the “Gatto Selvatico”, a magazine that could be read in the family, despite content of considerable intellectual substance.

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