Photographs from Eni’s Historical Archive
In detail:

  • Eni’s photograph collections
  • a brief description of the content of each collection

The evolution of Eni in Italy and abroad, the facilities, the figures that contributed to the company’s development, representatives of institutions on visits to the facilities, the Italian natural gas path, the export of techniques and infrastructure abroad and the figure of Enrico Mattei. The Historical Photographic Archive allows you to trace the history of Eni and many of its companies. This page provides a brief description of the resources that make it up.

The AGIP photographic archive

  • the historical and industrial evolution of Eni from the 1920s, in Italy and abroad 
  • initial oil exploration activities and refining plants 
  • snaps that show the development of production facilities and the sale of Agipgas 
  • Agip research in Iran in the late 1950s 
  • Italy as seen through the Agip service stations 
  • two reports by Federico Patellani

The Anic (Azienda Nazionale Idrogenazione Combustibili) photographic archive

  • the large petrochemical plants operated by the Eni company that managed chemicals
  • official events, such as visits by Enrico Mattei to plants and the daily life of workers.
  • the Livorno refinery, completed in 1940, with equipment for the production of lubricants and paraffin, including photos of the damage suffered as a result of air raids during the war
  • the Gela petrochemical plant with images of the laying of the foundation stone in 1960 with Enrico Mattei and the minister Emilio Colombo.

The Snam photographic archive

  • the path of Italy’s natural gas, from the excavation and the laying of an extensive network of pipelines, the export of techniques and infrastructure abroad, especially in Europe and to developing countries.
  • plants at various Italian sites that testify to the widespread use of natural gas for industrial use and recompression plants in San Donato Milanese, Ravenna, Cavenago and Caviaga.
  • the tankers used to transport gas and other pictures of the official plant visits by important personalities and officials.

Focus on Enrico Mattei

  • the man, the public figure, the manager who with his vision left, also through public and private images, an unmistakable mark. 
  • his private life, from his activities as a partisan to the honours received. 
  • the beginning at Agip, checks on exploration and production sites 
  • national and international meetings, inaugurations and visits to plants
  • moments of relaxation and fishing trips.


Enrico Mattei

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Photographs from Eni’s Historical Archive

The historic photo archive of Eni was born in February of 2005: what are the assets that make it up and the contents.

Documents from Eni’s Historical Archive

The books and e-books produced by Eni: authentic documents of the company’s history.
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