Enrico Mattei. Words and testimony
Vivid recollections tell better stories that anything else. They can impress themselves in our memories in the form of words, phrases, images, colours, tones and sounds. In this page you can find five free ebooks with photographs, film clips and audio recordings of Enrico Mattei’s speeches, produced by Eni in co-operation with Rizzoli. The final section is dedicated to a report, conducted by Sergio Zavoli, “Remembering Enrico Mattei”, a collection of memories of people who were part of the professional and private life of the Chairman of Eni, and who bear witness to the history of a company and a nation in our time.

The history of a company - a portrait of a country

Photographs, film clips and authentic documents: in co-operation with Rizzoli, Eni has published five ebooks (which can be download free from the iTunes store). They tell the story of the company, putting the entrepreneurial business in the context of the wider history of the country. Each ebook is divided into three sections: Italian history, with images from the Alinari archives and an interview with Mario Pirani; the history of Eni; and finally an historical archive where you can consult a selection of documents from the company’s valuable Historical Archive. The texts are edited by Daniele Pozzi. who has been Eni’s official historan for years.

The speeches: the extraordinary adventure at the head of the six-legged dog

Mattei did not enjoy speaking in public. And yet when he talked about the results that had been achieved he was animated and passionate and his speeches flowed quickly and precisely.

Quote: “Please forgive me for speaking to you briefly and simply”

He took great delight hearing the word “family” used in reference to the company in numerous encounters with employees. This was Mattei’s way of demonstrating the close link between the employees and their leader. The Eni Chairman’s first speeches, kept in the Historic Archive and published in their entirety for the first time by Rizzoli, allow us to retrace the steps that led the former partisan and parliamentarian Mattei to his extraordinary adventure at the head of the six-legged dog.

Describing a life

A determined and tenacious man, led by an extraordinary sense of responsibility towards the future of energy in his country. This is the picture that emerges from the television report “Remembering Enrico Mattei”, made by the journalist Sergio Zavoli in 1968, six years after Mattei’s death. The special report is a collection of memories of the people who were close to Mattei in both his professional and private life, including Marcello Boldrini, Carlo Zanmatti, Raffaele Girotti, Giorgio Ruffolo and Ferruccio Parri, Mario Ferrari Aggradi, Giorgio La Pira, his brother Umberto, his wife Greta and the pilot Irnerio Bertuzzi.


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