Eni’s Privatization
In detail:

  • a table showing share placement information from 1995 to 2001

In just over two and a half years the Ministry of the Treasury with four offerings placed on the market 63% of Eni's share capital with total proceeds of more than 21 billion euro (41,000 billion lire). This represents, as of June1998, the highest total income ever achieved by a government in continental Europe for the sale of a single company.

Growing number of individual investors

Eni shares have attracted an ever growing number of individual investors, from the 194,000 subscribers of the IPO (Initial Public Offering), to the more than 1.7 million who participated in Eni4. Employees also made a decided contribution to the success of the various placements: while 30,000, or 40% of those eligible, subscribed to the IPO, 41,000, 70% of those eligible, participated in Eni4.

Data on Eni share placements
Offer price (euro/share) 5.42 7.40 9.90 11.80 13.60
Number of shares placed (milions) 601.9 647.5 728.4 608.1 200.1
- of which through bonus shares     1.9 15.0 24.4 39.6
Percentage of share capita (1) (%) 15.0 16.2 18.2 15.2 5.0
Proceeds (mn euro) 3,254 4,596 6,869 6,714 2,721


(1) Refers to share capital at December 31, 2004.
(2) On June 1, 2001 Eni Shareholders' Meeting resolved to convert the nominal value of Eni shares into euro and to group two shares of nominal value 0.5 euro into one share with nominal value one euro.

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