In detail:
  • A diversified strategy
  • A dedicated learning program
  • Training on the Code of Ethics
  • Training on Safety, Health and the Environment
  • Eni’s training on Human Rights in numbers

A diversified strategy

Since the adoption of Eni’s Guidelines on Human Rights, information on the Business and Human Rights framework has been disseminated in both specific coursesand in more general training initiatives dedicated to specific groups of Eni employees and management which integrate Human Rights topics. The various groups were selected based on several criteria including seniority, responsibility and the specific risks associated with their respective activities.

A learning program dedicated to Business and Human Rights

workshop dedicated to Top Managers was held in San Donato Milanese in October 2016. The event was opened by Eni’s CEO, who highlighted the importance of Human Rights and introduced the new e-learning program on the topic which concerns everyone at Eni. Thanks to this program, approximately 24,000 people at Eni have attended Business and Human Rights courses and their delivery continues today. Additional Human Rights training modules have been launched in 2017 with the aim of engaging certain groups on specific categories of Human Rights and on the company’s responsibilities associated with them.

Training on the Code of Ethics starting from the Board

Training on the Code of Ethics is a further opportunity to raise awareness on Human Rights principles and Eni’s commitments to respecting Human Rights; the training is mandatory for all Eni workers. The courses are tailored for certain groups based on the risk exposure associated with each worker’s role and responsibility within the organization. The same training opportunities are offered to the members of the Board of Directors of Eni’s controlled companies, together with the Top Management of Eni’s subsidiaries. As per Eni’s Board of Directors, newly appointed members are engaged in Leadership Meetings focused on the Code of Ethics. The meetings also take place at every Board renewal. Lastly, training opportunities dedicated to Business Partners are also planned, starting with initiatives dedicated to Joint Venture partners. See the document attached for further information.

Training on Eni’s approach to Health, Safety and Environment

Beyond a full range of training courses on HSE issues, Eni periodically organizes events aimed at disseminating HSE culture and its own commitment to continuously improving HSE performance, guaranteeing the protection of the environment and the prevention and protection from HSE risks.    

Eni Safety Day was first launched in 2011; it is dedicated to the demonstration of Eni’s objectives and results in this area. Starting in 2017, Safety Day was organized in conjunction with the first Eni Environment Day specifically held on World Environment Day. This year the event was attended by Eni’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Eni's President as well as the Board of Directors and around 200 Top Managers from the various business functions. At these events prizes were awarded to the Eni areas which have achieved excellent results in Safety and Environment, as well as to colleagues who came up with the most innovative ideas and projects. Moreover, a Safety Day dedicated to contractors is also organized and involves approximately 150 suppliers operating in the various commodity classes which are considered most critical for Eni in terms of safety. 

Eni’s training on Human Rights in numbers

The following table includes some figures on the attendance of our training courses with a focus on Human Rights issues.


Human Rights
Hours of training on human rights(a), of which: (number) 32,588 88,874 7,805
- of which in class 0 354 52
- of which e-learnings 32,588 88,520 7,753
Attendances in human rights training courses 8,147 22,307 2,084
Employees trained on human rights 7,545 21,682 1,836
(a) Including issues related to consultation and/or compensation processes and increase in conflicts.
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