In detail:
  • drivers and pillars
  • identifying priorities and implementing actions
  • Safety at work

Our Commitment: drivers and pillars

People are essential and fundamental to all of Eni’s activities. We can only achieve our business goals thanks to their dedication, and we are profoundly aware of how important they are in creating value over time. Other than being “the right thing to do”, respecting our employees’ rights means creating the necessary conditions for a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship. Consequently, we are committed to respecting and promoting internationally recognized workers’ rights in all our operating countries.

As a first step to meeting our responsibilities in this field, we analysed the international conventions and standards that could be most relevant to our business. Starting from this analysis, we developed a comprehensive framework of internal policies and rules to affirm our commitment to respecting internationally recognised workers’ rights and to ask our Business Partners and suppliers to also comply with them.  

Within this journey towards respect for workers’ rights, we greatly benefited from the collaborative and continuous dialogue with unions. Furthermore, the engagement with international organizations including ILO was strategic in terms of learning opportunities and concrete outcomes.

Our processes: Identifying priorities and implementing actions

Prioritization of the areas for improvement was carried out on risk-based criteria, through labour assessment processes and gap analysis on both ratification and enforcement of ILO standards across operating countries. These processes led to the adoption of rules and actions ranging from further integrating workers’ rights into our internal legal framework to launching specific measures, including training programs and a multifaceted strategy for combatting discrimination.

Increasing attention is paid to monitoring activities through the identification of effective KPIs and by tracking specific salient issues such as fair compensation and discrimination.

Following the Salient Issues Workshop of 2017, the following salient issues related to Human Rights in the Workplace were identified:

  • Discrimination and equal treatment based on religion, ethnicity and gender
  • Safe and healthy working conditions

The attached documents provide information on Eni’s commitment to and strategy for respecting the fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other Treaties which serve to implement the ILO’s Decent Work agenda.

Our Commitment for the health and safety of our people, communities and partners.

For information on Eni’s policies and processes for ensuring Safety at work, please visit the relevant page. The Global Health section includes details on our policies and actions to promote the health of our people, communities and partners. Lastly, detailed information can be found on Eni’s commitment to a Healthy Environment on this page.

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