In detail:
  • risks associated with business Partners
  • compliance to national laws
  • processes and indicators of our Human Rights Due diligence
  • safety at work

Commitment and actions to deal with risks associated with business Partners

Both the Code of Ethics and the Guidelines on respect for Human Rights were published in 2007; since then Eni’s policies and procedures have progressively included commitments and measures aimed at identifying, preventing, mitigating and accounting for how it addresses any potential impact on Human Rights deriving from the decisions and behaviours of Business partners, including suppliers.

In identifying its approach to these risks, Eni primarily considered its leverage on the different categories of Business partners.

The Salient Issues Workshop organized in 2017 as part of the activities of the Eni Human Rights Working Group gave a major contribution to this activity, which highlighted the following salient Human Rights issues associated to Business relationships:

  • Modern day slavery
  • Migrant workers
  • Freedom of association and Collective bargaining 
  • Working conditions (wages and working hours)
  • Safe and healthy working conditions.

Compliance to national laws

Furthermore, following the adoption of national laws introducing obligations in terms of transparency in the supply chain, Eni has also adopted ad hoc statements, for example relating to the U.S. Conflict Minerals requirements and the UK Modern Slavery Act.

Further information on processes and indicators of our Human Rights Due diligence

The attached documents include details on how Eni has been developing policies and tools to identify, address and monitor Human Rights risks deriving from counterparties, including its recently identified salient issues.

Our Commitment for the health and safety of our people, communities and partners.

For information on Eni’s policies and processes for ensuring Safety at work, please visit the relevant page. The Global Health section includes details on our policies and actions to promote the health of our people, communities and partners. Lastly, detailed information can be found on Eni’s commitment to a Healthy Environment on this page.

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