In detail:
  • respect for human rights in security activities
  • Human Rights Due Diligence

Our salient Human Rights issues in the management of Security operations

One of Eni’s priorities is respecting the right to life and bodily integrity and the health of both its people and members of local communities. At Eni we are aware that Security events can affect almost the entire spectrum of Human Rights, including economic, social and cultural rights. For instance, security operations can have a meaningful negative or positive impact on the freedom of expression and the opportunities to participate in political processes. Aware of these opportunities and challenges, Eni manages its security operations in accordance with international Human Rights principles, and in compliance with the guidelines set out by the Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights.

During the Salient Issues Workshop held in 2017, Eni identified the following salient issues in the Security and Human Rights area:

  • Excessive use of force by public and private security forces
  • Employee security in high-risk environments.

Implementing the Human Rights Due Diligence

This section provides information on the Human Rights Due Diligence processes in place at Eni and how they have been applied in relation to the salient Security and Human Rights issues. In particular, the attached documents illustrate:

  • Theintegration of Human Rights into Eni’s main policies and guidelines;
  • The processes in place toassess Human Rights risks in the management of Security Operations and monitor progress in the implementation of processes and tools to prevent and minimize impacts;
  • Strategies and initiatives adopted, includingcontractual requirements on Human Rights performance for contractors with a specific focus on the most critical issues, and awareness raising 
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