In detail:
  • our CEO speaks out on Human Rights

We want to ensure that everybody who works in or for Eni is aware of the importance the company places on Human Rights: this is why Eni’s CEO has been speaking out on the topic.


“Our commitment to safeguarding human rights, which places people at the centre and recognises the diversity of the other as a resource, must be the foundation of our daily activity.” CLAUDIO DESCALZI, Chief Executive Officer of Eni.


In December 2018, ahead of the approval of Eni’s Statement on respect for Human Rights, the CEO’s blog hosted a post on the paramount importance of Human Rights for Eni. This message mirrors Eni’ CEO commitment to actively promoting a team culture based on placing at the centre of the business activities the human element in achieving the objectives. Within this context, the CEO’s blog on the company intranet was launched in 2015, triggering an open and direct dialogue with all Eni's people, which recorded over 240,000 hits in 2017.


In October 2016 the CEO published a message on the same blog remarking the start of the training workshop for the company’s top management entitled “Raising awareness on Business and Human Rights in Eni Activities”. The leaders of international associations and organizations were invited to speak on the opportunities and challenges in the implementation of the Business and Human Rights framework. The event’s goal was to raise awareness about Business and Human Rights issues and it involved a panel of experts from key associations for the Business and Human Rights community such as the Danish Institute for Human Rights, Amnesty International, the Institute for Human Rights and Business, the University Of Notre Dame (Indiana, US) and IPIECA. Eni’s Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors attended the event, as well as management representatives (200 people in person and 200 via video link from abroad).

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