In detail:
  • what is our environmental management based on
  • our objectives
  • technical health, safety and environmental regulations
  • our shared approach

The overall strategy

Environmental protection is an indispensable part of our way of working. We conduct our activities in accordance with international agreements and standards, and in compliance with national laws, regulations and policies. Environmental management is based on prevention, protection, information and participation criteria and has the following key objectives:


  • the identification of environmental aspects and adoption of the best technologies
  • the mitigation of environmental impacts
  • the management of a system of prevention of, direct and indirect, adverse environmental events related to the specific activities of the different production units
  • the adoption of ad hoc methods based on critical criteria relating to local biodiversity.

Integrated HSE management

In all our activities we use the most advanced technologies and technical standards in the area of health, safety and the environment. We invest in research and technological innovation for the production of products and processes with the best levels of environmental compatibility, safety and health protection, while also promoting collaboration for the development of new technologies. HSE management is governed by the HSE Management System Guidelines document, a unique and shared instrument that clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various organisational levels, disciplines the activities foreseen for HSE processes and their interaction with other business processes and shares methods and common criteria. The coordination of HSE issues is overseen by the HSE Coordination Committee, chaired by Eni’s Health and Safety Officer, made up by the heads of the HSE function of various units.

OHSAS 18001 certifications (number) 104 102 102
ISO 14001 certifications   95 94 88
EMAS registrations   8 9 10
ISO 50001 certifications   19 22 22
Total HSE expenditure and investments (a) (€ million) 1,101.60 1,100.40 1,255.80
of which current costs   839.0 865.9 990.2
of which investments   262.6 234.6 265.6
of which Safety expenditures and investments   287.8 249.8 260.3
of which current costs   239.5 175.1 198.5
of which investments   48.3 74.7 61.8
of which Environmental expenditures and investments   588.7 755.6 915.4
of which current costs   466.5 604.00 729.2
of which investments   122.1 151.6 185.0
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