Energy efficiency initiatives
There is no doubt that energy efficiency is essential in the issue of the reduction of emissions. Eni’s strategy to mitigate climate change includes a series of initiatives from investment to certification. All sectors we operate in are involved. Examples are Energy Management Systems in Refining and Marketing refineries, technical-economic optimisation of electricity generation plant use in Gas & Power or the car sharing service Enjoy. Our aim is to be increasingly innovative, efficient and sustainable.

Plant: friends of the climate in our activities

Eni is proud of its long tradition in efficiency in the refining industry. In the period 2008-2015, this commitment, along with Upstream energy efficiency initiatives of the last two years, has led to savings corresponding to about 370 thousand tonnes of oil per year, over 20% of which is due to optimisation in Upstream logistics, an equivalent accumulated reduction of over 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Initiatives for the improvement of energy efficiency, aside from traditional investment, also include management initiatives such as the adoption and certification of Energy Management Systems (EMS). In Eni ISO 50001 certification has been awarded to the following sites/companies:
  • refineries in Livorno, Sannazzaro, Taranto and Venice
  • Enipower and its subsidiaries (Enipower Mantua and SEF)
  • Centro Olio Val d’Agri and Centrale gas in Candela
  • Headquarters in Rome, Milan, Pomezia and Bologna.

Energy efficiency
Electricity produced by type of source (EniPower) (TWh) 23.14 21.04 22.34
- of which from natural gas   21.52 19.71 21.01
- of which from petroleum products   1.61 1.32 1.32
- of which from renewables   0.01 0.01 0.01
Energy consumption from production activities/100% gross operated hydrocarbon (GJ/tep) 1.536 1.668 1.619
Energy Intensity Index (R&M) (%) 76 77.8 79.9
Net consumption of primary resources (tep) 11.675.939 10.606.496 10.910.143
- natural gas   9.809.086 9.107.522 9.245.994
- petroleum products   1.767.269 1.423.944 1.572.924
- other fuels   99.583 75.030 91.225
Primary energy purchased from other companies by type (GJ) 14.624.083 12.440.978 9.645.865
- electricity   7.506.690 8.421.288 5.919.961
- primary resources   6.752.073 3.229.016 3.319.925
- steam   365.320 497.599 400.381


(a) Including direct process heat, recovery heat and hydrogen.

The table does not contain information relating to the subsidiary Versalis SpA, since an agreement is being finalised for the sale of a controlling stake.

Products and services: friends of the environment

Eni's objective is to develop innovative, efficient, sustainable processes aimed at the production of high-quality fuel in order to optimise engine efficiency, reduce emissions and use increasingly sustainable production methods. Efforts in the refinery sector are directed at a reduction in the environmental impact, the production of high performance fuel that ensures reduced consumption and investment into the automobile gas market. As far as industrial refinery processes are concerned EST (Eni Slurry Technology) at the refinery in Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi is worthy of note, an industrial plant for the conversion of heavy petroleum residues. Unlike current refining technology, EST does not produce by-products but converts and makes use of heavy petroleum residues as well as non-conventional resources. The licensing-out of such technology to some other oil companies for their own use of EST in their refineries or for the increase in value of heavy oil residues is proof of its importance. As regards high performance products Eni had already begun to produce LST fuels and BluDieselTech and BluSuper back in 2001. In 2011 the eniblu+ line was launched, a new category of blue products made up of higher quality fuel (diesel and petrol), introduced to guarantee the total cleaning of valves and injectors), thus ensuring excellent performance and lower maintenance costs for customers. The Gas & Power division supplies technical advice to clients to encourage energy saving in various areas. In 2014 Eni inaugurated the first service station in Piacenza, Italy, which supplies liquid methane (LNG) for heavy vehicles as part of the European project “Blue Corridors”, which aims to encourage the spread of the use of liquid gas in road transport, making transport more economical and sustainable. Eni is committed to setting up other stations of this kind by 2017.

Culture counts for us: Eni Enjoy

We believe that information, awareness and encouraging good behaviour regarding energy saving is important. In 2013 Eni launched its car sharing service, Enjoy, to develop products and services for sustainable mobility. Enjoy is widely used in Rome, Milan, Florence and Turin and is a sustainable, economical and efficient alternative to the use of private vehicles.
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