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  • the main awards
  • innovation awards
  • profiles of the award-winners downloadable in PDF

Prizes and awards

Eni Award is divided into two sections:
  • Prizes: awarded to research scientists from the best universities and research centres in the world
  • Recognition for Innovation in Eni: awarded to our research scientists

Prize winners

The winners of the Eni Award prizes in 2014 were:
  • Tapan Mukerji - New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons Prize - Upstream Pioneering innovations in theoretical and practical rock physics for seismic reservoir characterization
  • Amir H. Hoveyda - New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons Prize - Downstream Development of new reactions to transform un-activated alkenes into complex molecular framework
  • Jay D. Keasling - Premio Energie Rinnovabili Microbial Production of Hydrocarbon Fuels
  • Clément Sanchez - Environment Protection Prize Environmentally relevant chemistry of multifunctional materials: Tailor-made new efficient catalysts via chemical douce-aerosol process coupling
  • Nicola Bortolamei - Debut in Research Prize Electrochemistry for Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: from mechanism to more controlled synthesis
  • Martina Siena - Debut in Research Prize Characterization of permeability of natural and reconstructed porous rock

The winners of the Eni Award for Innovation in 2014 were:

  • Francesco Gasparoni, Stefano Carminati, Patrizia Broccia, Melania Buffagni, Nora Hveding Bergseth, Erik Bjornbom, Laura Gallimberti Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for off-shore long term asset integrity and 4D environmental monitoring – Clean Sea Project
  • Giacomo Rispoli, Claudia Prati, Andrea Amoroso, Pierluigi Bozza, Orlando Zara Green Refinery Project: conversion of the petroleum Venice Refinery into an innovative Bio-refinery for the production of a new generation of high quality bio-fuels
  • Anna Sommazzi, Francesco Masi, Giovanni Ricci, Giuseppe Leone, Salvatore Coppola, Maria Francesca Pirini New butadiene-based di-block stereo-regular polymers for the development of innovative compounds for "All Seasons" tyres and technical shoes

Eni Award

Eni Award is an international competition launched by Eni in 2007 dedicated to research applied to the field of energy. It selects the best research projects on efficiency, sustainability and the protection of the environment.

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Eni Award Announcement 2016

Eni Award is our research award for research into energy and sustainability and all the documentation is for the 2016 edition is available here.

Eni Award 2013 Edition

For the 2013 edition prizes for the Eni Award went to seven external researchers and the innovation awards to three research projects.

Eni Award 2012 Edition

In 2012 Eni Award was in its fifth edition and prizes went to eight external research scientists and three research projects developed by Eni.

Eni Award 2011 Edition

In 2010 Eni Award prizes went to six international research scientists and three projects developed in the Eni laboratories.

Eni Award 2010 Edition

In 2010 Eni Award prizes went to six external research scientists and three projects developed in the Eni laboratories.

Eni Award 2009 Edition

Eni Award 2009 edition awarded six external research scientists and three projects developed by researchers in Eni's laboratories.

Eni Award 2008 Edition

Eni Award was launched in 2008 and in the first edition five research scientists from external institutions were awarded prizes and three projects.
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