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Prizes and awards

Eni Award is divided into two sections:
  • Prizes: awarded to research scientists from the best universities and research centres in the world
  • Recognition for Innovation in Eni: awarded to our research scientists

Prize winners

The winners of the Eni Award prizes in 2010 were:
  • Avellino Corma - New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons Prize The technology created by Prof Corma will lead to the optimisation of fuel in order to improve performance and in particular of diesel.
  • Mark Knackstedt - New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons Prize The study on the modelling of material present in nature will lead to the discovery of more oilfields, increasing the world's fuel supply.
  • Angela Belcher - Renewable and Non-conventional Energy Prize These studies on nature enable the application in many fields, such as solar cells, batteries, medical diagnosos and singular molecular interaction relative to these pathologies.
  • François Morel - Environment Protection Prize The mystery of the global recycling of carbon, on which our life on earth depends, is understood more clearly thanks to this study of CO2 fixation. Lorenzo Fagiano - Debut in Research Prize Due to this young researcher's studies, there are an increasing number of advantages obtained by the wind in the field of energy production. Alternative sources have the advantage that they are infinite and cleaner.
  • Matteo Mauro - Debut in Research Prize The future will be even brighter thanks to this research scientist. New materials will contribute to the optimisation of light emission.

The winners of the Eni Award for Innovation in 2010 were:

  • Fabrizio Zausa, Luigi Besenzoni, Claudio Molaschi e Angelo Calderoni ENBD - Eni Near Balance Drilling The technology presented in this research is a system of equipment and newly-conceived valves enabling the control of geological pressure during the perforation phase of an oil well. It is unique in that it ensures that the circulation of the control fluid is never suspended and also guarantees the necessary safety conditions, even in complex situations.
  • Francesco Masi, Francesco Menconi, Mario Polesello, Giuseppe Conti, Paolo Mariani e Elisabetta Borrione New Ziegler-Natta catalysts of environmentally low impact and void of vanadium for the production of copolymers of ethylene and alpha-olefins The technology is able to produce high performance materials with mechanical properties superior to standard products based on the use of new high performance polymerisation catalysts. This new technology will lead to important improvements in environmental processes, by eliminating catalytic residue.
  • Mauro Gianni Dalmazzone, Gianpietro De Lorenzo e Giuseppe Giunta A system and methodology for continuous sensing of the impact on pipelines for fluid transport, particularly suited to underwater pipelines. This patented technology creates a system and method for the continuous sensing of the impact on pipelines for fluid transport, particularly suited to underwater pipelines characterised by the installation of a system of sensors on land. The new technology, that uses remote sensoring of thermo-acoustic emissions generated by the impact, is of crucial importance for the safety of infrastructures, in particular for those that import natural gas.

Eni Award

Eni Award is an international competition launched by Eni in 2007 dedicated to research applied to the field of energy. It selects the best research projects on efficiency, sustainability and the protection of the environment.

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Eni Award 2014 Edition

In 2014 Eni Award prizes went to six international research scientists and three projects developed in the Eni laboratories.

Eni Award 2013 Edition

For the 2013 edition prizes for the Eni Award went to seven external researchers and the innovation awards to three research projects.

Eni Award 2012 Edition

In 2012 Eni Award was in its fifth edition and prizes went to eight external research scientists and three research projects developed by Eni.

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Eni Award 2009 Edition

Eni Award 2009 edition awarded six external research scientists and three projects developed by researchers in Eni's laboratories.

Eni Award 2008 Edition

Eni Award was launched in 2008 and in the first edition five research scientists from external institutions were awarded prizes and three projects.
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