Eni Award 2009 edition awarded six external research scientists and three projects developed by researchers in Eni’s laboratories. The research projects awarded concerned the application of mass spectroscopy in petrol refinery, the geo-mechanical simulation of phenomena that appear during extraction, third generation photovoltaic conversion, micro-porous solids for storing substances, the reduction of nitrogen oxide from combustion and the improvement in the production of hydrogen. The innovation awards went to projects dealing with imaging of deep subsoil, the improvement in processes for catalytic cracking and polymers for creating new generation photovoltaic cells. Here are all the winners' projects.

Prizes and awards

Eni Award is divided into two sections:
  • Prizes: awarded to research scientists from the best universities and research centres in the world
  • Recognition for Innovation in Eni: awarded to our research scientists.

Prize winners

The winners of the Eni Award prizes in 2009 were:
  • Alan Marshall - New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons Prize Development of advanced analytical systems for the determination of detailed components of chemical blends such as crude oil and derived products by the use of high-resolution mass spectroscopy (FT-ICR).
  • Tony Settari - New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons Prize Modelling of hydraulic fracturing of reservoirs during the recovery of hydrocarbons.
  • Martin Green - Renewable and Non-conventional Energy Prize Third generation photovoltaic cells and leading authority on international development of solar cell performance.
  • Gerard Ferey - Environment Protection Prize New horizons have opened up regarding the protection of the environment due to this research into the absorption of gases which are harmful both for the planet and those that live there.
  • Alberto Cuoci - Debut in Research Prize This project aims to reduce drastically the pollutants in the air coming from combustion procedures. Maybe one day we will say goodbye to pollution.
  • Loredana De Rogatis - Debut in Research Prize This research aims to identify a new class of catalysts for hydrogen production from various sources: methane, methanol and ethanol. The work was complemented by a study of the catalytic hydrogenation of CO2.

The winners of the Eni Innovation awards 2009 were:

  • Clara Andreoletti - Eni E&P Division DVA (Depth Velocity Analysis) is a software package for seismic velocity analysis based on the concept of seismic Grid type tomography, with the possibility of considering all the geological information deriving from wells and/or preliminary studies in the area. The use of this tool is crucial to obtain high resolutions and the best connection to the geological model in the area.
  • Giuseppe Bellussi, Roberto Millini, Caterina Rizzo, Daniele Rizzo - ENI R&M Divisione This patented project regards a new catalyst cracking system (FCC) using a zeolythic catalyser, ERS-10, which was invented in the Eni laboratories and is different from other zeolythic systems in that it has both medium-sized and extra large pores.
  • Riccardo Pò, Anna Maria Cardaci, Maria Caldararo, Giuliana Schimperna - Eni Direzione Strategie e Sviluppo This patent refers to the identification and synthesis of new conjugated polymers for building new generation photovoltaic cells.

Eni Award

Eni Award is an international competition launched by Eni in 2007 dedicated to research applied to the field of energy. It selects the best research projects on efficiency, sustainability and the protection of the environment.

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