Agip becomes Eni

Certain symbols are fixed in the public imagination – instantly recognisable and inextricably linked with a particular brand or product. Eni’s six-legged dog is a fine example – a logo that immediately relates to the company and its values, telling a story of courage, innovation and substance that combines loyalty to the past with trust in the future. The way in which the Eni brand identity was defined and evolved combines Italian expertise and design with an openness to looking further afield. It describes every aspect of the company’s philosophy, centred on passion for technological innovation and progress, alongside essential values such as integrity, respect for people and environmental protection. Today the company is a dynamic organisation, capable of interacting with an increasingly-competitive market without turning its back on protecting the individual and the landscape. In its advertising campaigns Eni remains true to the values of the past, while adapting them to the times and the actions of the present.

Last updated on 08/10/18