Eni has always been involved in the research and production of high performance lubricants for all types of engines;
From motorcycle engines to the most sophisticated sports vehicles, from powerful diesel trucks to agricultural tractors, from electrical energy generation turbines to the giant engines for ship propulsion; for each application, there is always an Eni product able to ensure high performance, long service, complete user satisfaction and absolute respect for the environment.

The advantages of Eni materials:
- high level of efficiency;
- durability;
- environment protection.

The experience gained in motor shows at all levels, in conjunction with the constant presence at the client's side at service stations in Italy and around the world, have made our products reference products for all types of engine and for all kinds of applications.

Eni's research and development provides continuous updates of the range of lubricants in order to guarantee products that are in line with the increasingly strict specifications of manufacturers regulators and consequently assure the best protection and conservation of every part of the engine.

Last updated on 05/11/14