Sustainability Policy

Sustainability policy

We want to be most renowned for creating sustainable value, responsible corporate behaviour, building human capacity and promoting technological innovation.

It is our goal to apply sustainable development principles and transparent behaviour in the conduct of our business activities. We will seek to understand the social, environmental and ethical implications of our activities, engage with Stakeholders I order to eliminate or mitigate social and environmental impacts of any activities, and ensure that we fulfil our ethical responsibilities to Communities, wider Stakeholders and the Nigerian society on the basis of sound business principles.

Our values
We are committed to:

  • Operating and acting in accordance with laws, rules of fair competition, honesty, integrity, transparency and good faith, with due respect of the legitimate interest of our Employees, Shareholders, Customers, commercial and financial Partners, Civil organizations, industry Associations, Labour organizations, Communities and legitimate institutions, Governments and their Agencies.
  • Operating within the framework of the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organization, the eni’s Code of Practice, the eni’s Guidelines on Protection and Promotion of Human Rights and the Nigerian Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative, aimed at following due process and achieving transparency in payments by extractive companies to Government and Government-linked entities. We will promote freedom of association and reject all forms of discrimination, of forced and child labour and corruption. We seek to safeguard dignity, health, safety of all persons in the workplace.
  • Conducting our business and acting in the respect of cultural, religious and ethnic heritage traditions of Communities. As socially responsible Companies, we are committed to contribute to the promotion of the quality of life and of the socio-economic development of the Communities in which we operate, in line with the International Conventions on Sustainable Development.
  • Working in partnership with Stakeholders to meet our Vision and acting in collaboration with the Government.
  • Reducing the local environmental impact of operations, in coherence with eni’s global environmental strategy, by improving performances and implementing initiatives for biodiversity conservation and resources recovery.

January 2016

Last updated on 16/11/18